Monday, November 16, 2015

At the summit in Turkey Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama held unscheduled talks – the first channel

In Antalya, Turkey today is the second and final day of the summit, “Big Twenty.” It will begin with a working meeting at which world leaders gather to discuss mainly economic issues and finances.

In Antalya, Turkey today is the second and final day of the summit, “Big Twenty.” It will begin with a working meeting at which world leaders gather to discuss mainly economic issues and finances.

The Russian president, in addition to general measures, are planned bilateral talks – a few such meetings took place the day before. Recently, German Chancellor and head of the Turkish ended late at night.

Today, the final day of the summit of the “twenty” and he, for the most part, will be devoted to economic issues, which originally was allocated the entire summit has not yet made its own adjustments tragic events in Paris. They will discuss the reform of the IMF. From the director of the IMF, President Vladimir Putin held talks yesterday. Actually, yesterday turned out to be an extremely stressful time – bilateral negotiations were continuously and ended after midnight. Also, Vladimir Putin met with Turkish President Erdogan (the meeting was held behind closed doors) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The meeting began long after midnight was held in a friendly atmosphere.

“Today, we have a lot of work, but for sure, there are still issues that are of concern bilaterally and in the challenges that we are jointly engaged in. It’s too late, but, nevertheless, use it, “- Putin said.

” Thank you for the opportunity to meet and discuss various issues. It is now a late hour, and I’m happy for photographers that after the protocol part will go to sleep “- said the German Chancellor.

Reporters then removed and further talks between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel continued behind closed doors.

Earlier Vladimir Putin met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. In these negotiations, mainly dealt with the economic cooperation and the possible upcoming visit of the Russian president to Japan.

“to continue contacts in the economic sphere, and in different industries. Although, unfortunately, trade severely hit in recent years. But Japanese companies, which are generally invested $ 12 billion Russian economy, we see and feel, are interested in continuing to work together, and we do our best intentions of their support, “- said the Russian president.

” First of all, I would like to express my deepest condolences to all Russian citizens in connection with the crash of a passenger plane in Egypt . In recent years, relations between our countries are actively developing. The visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan in Russia, have been negotiating a peace treaty at the level of deputy ministers. Therefore, today’s meeting is very useful “- said Abe.

The main event of the first day of the summit, of course, the Russian president began talks with Barack Obama. This note and all the Western media. A meeting with the American president in general did not appear in the schedule of Vladimir Putin, so leaders are carved out half an hour of free time and talked literally on the move. The meeting was held in the room for negotiation between the halls. The presidents sat in a chair, spoke literally eye to eye, there was only a Russian translator. On the American side at the meeting attended Obama’s adviser on national security Susan Rice, who, as can be seen on the frame, actively make notes in a notebook.

Later, Russian Sherpa Svetlana Lukash said that the talks were very friendly and constructive. According to the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, discussed two major topics – Syria and Ukraine. Moreover, if the strategic views of Russia and the United States on these issues coincide, there are still differences in the tactics to address these issues.

Today – the final day of the summit, the presidents will take a final communiqué, which will reflect all the questions which were discussed at the “Top Twenty”. This economic cooperation, issues of global finance, unemployment, international terrorism, refugees, Syria. However, today, and will continue working bilateral meetings of Russian President. Vladimir Putin will hold talks with the prime ministers of Italy and the UK, as well as negotiations with the King of Saudi Arabia.

Anton Wolski

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