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Commander videoconferencing exposed details of Turkish attacks on the Russian plane – Russian newspaper

Extremely important statements made at a press briefing on Friday, Chief of the Air and Space Forces of Russia, Colonel-General Viktor Bondarev. They totally dismiss any attempt to issue an attack on our bomber Su-24m near the Syrian-Turkish border as a certain set of circumstances and evidence that it was pre-planned and coordinated with land operation the Turkish Air Force.

Commander is not just He presented to reporters the whole factual picture of this unprecedented event on his treacherous, but also told in detail what happened on November 24 in the skies over Syria. According to him, in 9 hours 15 minutes Moscow time entered combat mission to strike in the area of ​​human settlements Kepir -Mortlu – Zakhia in northern Syria. For its implementation have been identified, two Su-24M crew. Including a crew consisting of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov and navigator Captain Konstantin Valerievich Murahtina, who flew on a mission bomber bearing the number 83. Their plane was fused high-explosive bombs OFAB-250-270. Crews are assigned duty area in the air near the town of Maaret al-Nuuman-at levels of 5800 and 5650 meters respectively.

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Take off from the airfield Hmeymim was performed at 9 o’clock 42 minutes. Exactly ten minutes later came the Su-24M and 34 minutes was in the area of ​​detection radar Turkish Air Force. And 20 minutes after the occupation zone crew duty in the air to the air base command post “Hmeymim” team arrived at the destruction of clusters of militants in a given area. Aircraft consistently executed the bombing of two designated targets and carried out re-entry left turn to defeat the remaining two designated purposes.

– In the process of striking a target located at a distance of 5.5 kilometers to the south of the state border of Turkey, 10:00 24 minutes the crew of Lieutenant Colonel Peshkov performed bombing, after which was hit by a missile “air-air” aircraft F-16 Turkish military aircraft, taking off from the airfield of the 8th Air Base Diyarbakir, located in Turkey – said Bondarev.

The commander said that the analysis of the video display of air situation, will go to the command post of air force and air defense systems to Syria, was discovered marker of air targets that fly at the speed of 810 km / h on the part of Turkey in the direction of the state border with a course of 190 degrees.

– After a rapprochement with the Turkish fighter aircraft Su-24M at a distance equal to the range missile launch – 5-7 km, indicating that the finding of F-16 aircraft over the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, fighter fulfilled sharp maneuver to the right and disappeared with reduction the screen display of air situation – said Bondarev. – In accordance with the materials of the objective control of air defense, the Turkish plane was in Syrian airspace 40 seconds and went deep into its territory to two kilometers, and the Russian bomber state border of Turkey did not break.

According to the commander, missile launch It confirms the crew master. After the combat use of purpose and turn left on a course of 130 degrees pilots watched the torch to his left and the trail of white smoke, what was reported on the air flight director.

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A 10 hours and 25 minutes flight director recorded the disappearance of a mark on the radar display circular view from the aircraft Su 24m. In his further inquiries and requests crew leading Colonel Peshkov not answer.

According to the Commander of videoconferencing Russia needed the flight time of the aircraft F-16c airbase Diyarbakir from the provisions on duty on the ground to place a missile launch is 46 minutes ( of them 15 minutes – preparation and take-off, 31 minutes – the flight to the line starter). “So, – concluded Bondarev – interception of the Su-24M from the provisions on duty on the ground from the airport of Diyarbakir is impossible, since the necessary flight times greater than the minimum time to attack targets at 12 minutes”.

The results of the objective control radar Syrian support being in two F-air zone 16c duty 9 hours and 11 minutes to 10 hours 26 minutes for 1 hour 15 minutes at an altitude of 2400 meters. What convinced the commander in chief, says a pre-planned action and the willingness of fighters to operate in an ambush in the air over the territory of Turkey.

– It should be noted that the termination of maneuvering fighter plane in the area of ​​duty and the beginning of a rapid exit to proactively launch point occurred 1 minute 40 seconds before the closest approach of the Su-24M to the Syrian-Turkish border – said Bondarev. – Method exit the aircraft F-16c in zone starts allowed (not in the pursuit of the curve) indicates hover fighter with ground control. Actions of the Turkish aircraft after a missile launch over the territory of Syria – a forced reversal with a loss of height and care under the lower limit of detection zones of air defense systems – also talks about the treacherous and planned actions of the crew.

In this case, the means of objective control airfield Hmeymim and aircraft leading not been any request by the crew of the Turkish aircraft against our pilots on the frequency previously specified.

Commander emphasized the remarkable willingness to Turkish media coverage of the incident. So, hit missiles “air-air” in our bomber pilot of the F-16 Turkish Air Force carried out at 10 o’clock 24 minutes. But after a half hour movie with the fall of the aircraft has been posted on Youtube Turkish private broadcaster. Shooting angle, according to the Russian videoconferencing, to determine its possible location. It is located on the territory controlled by radical terrorist groups of immigrants from the North Caucasus and the former Soviet republics. “The operator knew the time and place at which it would be possible to make exclusive footage,” – said the commander in chief. A rapid appearance of the landing site of the pilot bands of insurgents and publication of video from the scene on the Internet one and a half hours after the attack, according to Bondarev, indicate the advance informed terrorists of the impending provocations to its videodokumentirovaniya and posting the footage on the social networks.

– All these facts clearly indicate the advance preparations for the destruction of the aircraft and information coverage of these actions with the Turkish Air Force, illegal armed groups, the Turkish news agencies with the active support of the media, said at a briefing, General.

He said that the command of our aviagruppirovki in Syria on October 23 after signing a memorandum of understanding between the Defense Ministry and the US Defense Department that manages the coalition forces, strictly abide by measures to prevent incidents between Russian military aircraft and aircraft involved in the operation of the coalition. “In accordance with these agreements from the control of Russian Air Force at the airbase” Hmeymim “representatives of the US Air Force has been previously provided with information indicating the areas of application of our pair of bombers Su-24M and occupied levels – said the commander in chief. – Therefore, the application of various Turkish officials about that they did not know our aircraft accessories – puzzling “.

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Furthermore, according to Bondarev, the Turkish military leadership had flouted all international laws on the course of action for the protection of state borders in the air. General also drew the attention of journalists, which the Turkish side after the tragedy has not followed any apologies or offers of help in the search and evacuation of the crew.

General thanked all the participants of search and rescue operations, thanks to which he was evacuated from the landing site navigator Su-24M captain Murahtin. According Bondarev, this operation was carried out under difficult circumstances at night, surrounded by gunmen. “As soon as the captain Murahtin proved to be safe, in the district where he strenuously searched for militants and a few other well-stocked and equipped groups had suffered more than a massive, devastating blows by our bombers – said the commander in chief.

He did not hide his pride pilots of aerospace forces, techniques, commanders, providing personnel who perform combat tasks in the fight against international terrorism in Syria. He also expressed deep condolences to the families and friends of Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Peshkov and ratings Alexander Pozynicha who died saving bomber crew. “We will not abandon the families of our colleagues, and we will provide them with all necessary assistance,” – promised Bondarev.

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