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“I was shocked when I learned that Ivan Okhlobystin – the priest” – News

« I was shocked when I learned that Ivan Okhlobystin - Priest »

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On November 26, the Russian rolling out” Priest-san. Confessions of a Samurai, “directed by Yegor Baranov Ivan Ohlobystina scenario. The film tells the story of a Japanese priest Takuro Nakamura, who fled to the Russian village on the site of one of the Yakuza clans. The main role in the film played by American actor of Japanese descent Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who became famous thanks to roles of villains in the film “Mortal Kombat” and “47 Ronin».

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa told the correspondent of “Izvestia” about their plans for work in Russia and how to overcome evil in the modern world.

You have repeatedly visited Russia, culture of the country you are familiar with. What for you was the specificity of filming in Russian movie?

– The shooting of any film – is always chaos ( laughing ). Even in Hollywood where everyone speaks your native language. A shooting in Russia – it is doubly messy process! For me it was very hard to always be surrounded by people who speak another language. I do not understand! But the difficulties of language barriers have been rendered to work with beautiful Russian actors. I am delighted with the level of their professionalism, never before I had to work with people who are so devoted to their craft. The audience will feel it in the film. Also, I was very lucky with the director Yegor Baranov. At least he does not shout at the crew during operation, unlike their foreign colleagues.

– Would you like to work in Russia again? Maybe it has received the new proposals from the Russian film directors?

– The film “Priest-san,” marked the beginning of my work in Russia: I’ve already started to discuss further projects with Russian directors. One of the ideas is very interesting! But I can not yet disclose the details – it is a bad omen! In Hollywood people as superstitious as in Russia.

At least tell me, in a new project you stand a good or a bad guy?

– My character will combine both positive and negative qualities simultaneously. This combination – a new stage in my career, it will allow to develop my acting.

The role of the priest in “Priest-sane” positive hero, too, was a new experience for me, because I have used to playing villains. I am very pleased to have played a good man.

You have requested to make changes in the script, “Priest-san” in the course of work?

– My hobby – it is to make changes in the script! I never for once did not agree. I like to discuss ideas with directors and even argue with them. I always have ideas to improve the images of my heroes.

What did you change in this movie?

– Ideas made me, were not implemented in a feature film, but in the series, which was filmed in parallel.

Tell about his work with Ivan Okhlobystin. He – one of the brightest actors of Russia and church-going people. Ivan helped you to get acquainted with Orthodoxy?

– I was shocked when I learned that he – a priest! I was impressed because I once dreamed of becoming a priest. During filming, the presence of a number of actor-priest supported and inspired me. It is surprising that such a good man like Ivan, it is possible so amazing to play villains. I admire his work!

Can a priest in my life, with the skills of a warrior, your character, use them to protect the people, to take over weapons, if there is an urgent need?

– begin to arm themselves and fight – action, which is last resort. The primary objective of every priest – to allow God to work through you: let him inside and let him deal with the critical situation in your hands.

As a priest and any other person can understand that it is God’s will?

– This is a profound feeling, at self-awareness. If we talk about me personally, I always listen to your feelings and trust them. I understand that when actions are from God, and when the mind.

Your hero in the movie, and without a physical struggle managed to cope with evil. People in real life can protect themselves by avoiding violence?

– It is necessary to understand its power and feel the energy. In this – the primary goal of martial arts. This helps to better feel what is happening around and feel the change. And if a man will be afraid and to show their own without trying to overcome it, then some thoughts about his fear, he will attract troubles to himself. We must be able to react quickly and well to understand myself, then negative energy will be much harder to beat you.

In your opinion, under the current unstable and the difficult situation in the world that is taking people how to behave and react to the challenges of the time, these attacks in Egypt and Paris?

– I feel sorry for all the people, who suffered during the tragedy in Egypt and Paris, I sympathize with the bereaved families. Today, people can not let fear take over, it is impossible that he mastered our feelings and emotions. If we are afraid of people who want to hurt us, then our fear will give them strength. And we must believe in the power of their own mind, only then the attacker will be weaker. And just Russian I respect because they are strong. They are not waiting to be scrapped, they operate, and all through faith in yourself.



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