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In Moscow, the fair Non / fiction came from 25 countries – the Russian newspaper

There is no room around the reel stands idle and yawning presentations. Here, all at an accelerated pace. How else? The site is small publishers produce all the main news is this – “smart”, as it is called, Fair. That line from year to year grow huge, though tickets are not so cheap (300 rubles), and the weekend is often not enough space in the wardrobe. But this connoisseur of literature, such details will not stop. This year, he was waiting at the fair 400 events and most striking news from 25 countries.

For the first time in the history of the fair is not the guest of honor country and language – Spanish. The guests arrived not only from flamenco, but also from Latin America. They will present their books and interact with readers. The Delegation of them very large.

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At the press conference before the opening of Boris Kupriyanov, a member of the expert council, said not only the successes but also the problems – when we talk about them, as literature, not in the Year ?! “There were good things – fair” Books of Russia “on the Red Square. But there were bad – the introduction of trading fees, tapping and bookstores … In Moscow alone, was closed about 40 books and second-hand stores, the same pattern and in some regions. But in Krasnoyarsk, Perm and Kazan have been wonderful book fair. And I do not remember that, by Non / fiction came out so many new books “…

Director CHA Vasily Bychkov noticed that, thanks to the Department Moscow Culture Fair Non / fiction was released from trading fees, so small publishers were able to take part in it. Irina Prokhorova, a member of the expert council, thanked those who invest money in the book, but not in jewelry, and thus investing in the future. At the fair was declared open.

For the first time in this year’s fair is attended Moscow libraries – they are located in the heart of the main hall, opposite the area of ​​seminars №1.

A lot of attention always pay children. Subject programs for them this time – “Think of yourself.” For boys and girls are special quests for publishers for different ages, pillow, carpet allocated space for “free reading”, where children can, sitting pouyutnee, get acquainted with new products already purchased. It is on the third floor of the Central House of Artists.

By the way, some publishers make special low benches child to choose a book without problems himself. Not only that prompted parents and the fact that he – thought, and chose himself. The main thing that he had the chance.

For the second time in the history of the fair on November 28 on Saturday, will be held a forum illustrators. This educational program is devoted to the theory and history of illustration, interaction of text and image. The theme – “On the pass,” that is, at the junction of the two grand eras – industrial and postindustrial.

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Standing area in the last couple of years, and became the “Gastronomy”. There are presentations gastronomic, cultural programs of different countries.

“WP” has already written about the updates to the fair, but the book, for which you should definitely come here, of course, more. For example, at the stand of the publishing house AST, Corpus novelty of Michel Houellebecq “Surrender” – the main foreign novel this fall on the adoption by France of Islam … The publishing house “Boslen” Natalya studied Zazulina unknown archival sources, and told what was actually Emperor Paul I – “The mission of the Grand Duke. Journey Paul Petrovich in the years 1781-1782″.

Publisher “Ripol Classic” prepared a novelty from the chief editor of the thick journal “Banner” Sergei Chuprinin “That’s my life. Feysbuchny novel” – a few years of the author’s life in social networks with the details of backstage life of well-known writers, and more.

Interesting publications can be found on stand Book Club 36.6. “History through the eyes of” Crocodile. “Twentieth Century” – a 12-volume series of books where the main events of the last century shows through caricatures and satires of the main Soviet satirical magazine. Or the book “one blood. Love is stronger than death” Roman Super, based on his personal history – onkobolezni loved one …

From the children’s literature should pay attention to the book “truisms” publishing Clever – 33 are known author, among them Boris Grebenshchikov, Tatyana Tolstaya, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, in an accessible way tried to explain to young people the philosophical and ethical concepts. A novel tale “Children of the Raven” journalist Yulia Yakovleva (published by “Scooter”) is based on the author’s family history associated with the era of Stalin’s terror. Both of these books are interesting and adults.

We remind you that the fair runs until 29 November, from 11.00 to 19.00.

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