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November 22 in memory of EAC showed ballet Maya Plisetskaya – IA

November 20 Maya Plisetskaya would have turned 90 years old. Prior to his great jubilee prima not lived only six months – 2 May this year, she was gone. 20 and 21 November at the Bolshoi Theater, where for decades Plisetskaya was prima, there will be concerts «AVE MAYA”. They wrote a script for a dancer herself. It is symbolic that on November 22 has come to Blagoveshchensk Far East tour, which is dedicated to the memory of Maya Plisetskaya. Producer center “Open Art” brought together renowned dancers both capitals to present the famous “Carmen Suite”, which at the time was set especially for Maya Plisetskaya. The main parts were performed by the leading soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre Denis Savin (Toreador), soloists of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Irina Koshelev (Carmen) and Alexander Omar (Jose).

A bright red flag with the contours of a bull’s head rises above the stage. This means that the audience is waiting for the bullfight, with its sea of ​​passion, which mixed danger and courage, love and death, hope and doom. This is the story of Carmen.

«Carmen Suite” – one act ballet Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso, delivered on the basis of the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. History – is still the same. In the center of the story – the fate of the gypsy Carmen and her lover, the soldier Don José. When love becomes Jose for her burden, Carmen leaves him for a young Toreador. However, Jose is not ready to live with it, passion obscures his mind and pushes on a desperate act.

This ballet was born at the end of 1966 in Moscow on the evening of the Cuban ballet where the dancer met with the choreographer Alberto Alonso. Impressed by her talent, he promised to write to her new libretto on the theme of “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. Culture Minister Yekaterina Furtseva then noted that “the celebration of Spanish dance could strengthen Soviet-Cuban friendship.” The premiere of the all-powerful minister angered her “eroticism”, ballet long walked in censored form, but it is not banned.

«You traitor Ballet – threw in the face of the Minister of Culture Furtseva Plisetskaya. – Your karma will die! “” Carmen will live as long as I’m alive, “- he said proudly while Plisetskaya. Since then, “Carmen Suite” – one of the most popular ballets.

Almost 40 years later, fate has posted a new solitaire. Director of the Bolshoi Ballet became her partner in the last stage of Alexei Ratmansky. And on the day of the resumption of “Carmen” at the main stage of the country’s November 18, 2005 Maya Plisetskaya said: “I will die, and Carmen will remain.”

Today, a talented choreographer Petersburg Vladimir Romanovsky proposed a new interpretation of the play, which combines the famous prima great numbers. This setting performed in Blagoveshchensk and artists. Their performance was one of the best ballet shows, which saw on-Amur. Precise movements, air jumps and obviously regal. How, dancers – the leading soloists of the three major theaters in the country.

So, who plays Carmen Irina Koshelev – first soloist of the St. Petersburg Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theater, the student of the international competitions “Vaganova-Prix» and «Arabesk- 2000 “and winner of the competition in 2001 and Rieti-Serge Lifar 2006.

Denis Savin – the leading soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, winner of the National Theatre Award” Golden Mask “(2012), Prize of the festival “Moscow debuts” (2003.).

– In the classic formulation of all probation. Plastic limited to specific poses. We have more and more free, great dance, games, emotions, – the soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre, Alexander Omar.

– We have all the exits Carmen habanera remained in the form in which they danced Maya Plisetskaya, – said Irina Kharlamov, the administrator of the production center “Public Art».

The soloists also told that they are lucky to see Maya Plisetskaya in her theater.

– To communicate, of course, failed. But consider – yes. Above it there was a halo, the halo of greatness. On the contrary, easy to talk to. But we, the young dancers, looked at it, of course, as an idol. So in any profession are looking at a man who has achieved a certain height. And Maya M. was a great prima – said Denis Savin.

In the second part was shown a gala concert of the best rooms, created in the Russian ballet. One of these – “Portrait in Black”, he was put famous choreographer Yuri Petukhov in the framework of the “Women’s Portraits”. There were fragments from the ballet “Don Quixote”, “Le Corsaire”, “Bully” and “The Dying Swan” by Saint-Saens.

Ahead of the actors performances in Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Then, in February, “Carmen Suite” waiting in Siberia.


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