Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama said his favorite character from “Game of Thrones” – REGNUM

Washington, November 18, 2015, 07:40 – REGNUM US President Barack Obama said, who is his favorite character from the American television series “Game of Thrones.” This dwarf whose name the president does not remember. He said this in his interview with the magazine GQ.

The US president spoke about his favorite TV shows: it is the reality show “Big impact” on Channel Golf Channel. Also, he likes to relax in front of the TV watching “Game of Thrones».

Obama said that with the TV series “Iga Thrones” has a problem – he can not remember the names of the characters.

«My favorite character – a dwarf … what’s his name? The problem of “Game of Thrones” is that I do not remember the names of the characters. I remember characters in person, and when I watch the show, you understand what’s happening », – he said.

Recall that” Game of Thrones “- a dramatic television series in the fantasy genre, made in USA . Created based on the series of novels “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George Martin writer.

The series is removed for cable channel HBO. Shooting underway in several countries, including the UK, Croatia, Morocco.

The dwarf from “Game of Thrones” – Tyrion Lannister. This character novels by American writer George RR Martin in the series “A Song of Ice and Fire.” In the television series “Game of Thrones” role of Tyrion Lannister played Peter Dinklage.

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