Thursday, November 19, 2015

On ENEA opened «Watch Me Move» – a wonderful exhibition about the history of the world of animation – “Voronezh Courier” – the newspaper online

The exhibition is organized together with the English art center “Barbican”. The project, called « Watch me move », acquaint guests with the top names of world animation and the best work of these studios. Here we collected more than 150 exhibits: chronophotography, sketches, storyboards and character models, ancient cameras and projectors and, of course, the cartoons themselves, made all possible techniques – from clay animation to the theater of shadows. Venue – the pavilion № 15 «Electronics».

The space is divided into seven thematic units, which represent the prehistoric creatures, animated sitcom characters, superheroes and villains, and wonderful historical characters, multeksperimenty. In addition, the exhibition, there are special Russian unit “Syurrpriz” prepared by the curators in collaboration with the channel Paramount Comedy .

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