Monday, November 16, 2015

Opinion: Putin at the G20 summit has become the informal leader – RIA Novosti

In Antalya, Turkey continues the summit G20, in which the leaders of the major economies of the planet are discussing the situation in the world.
The president of Russia Vladimir Putin held a number of bilateral meetings. In particular, it held talks with Chinese President Xi Tszinpinom, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Twenty minutes lasted an unplanned meeting between Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama “in the fields “summit of G20.

According to the teacher RANHiGS under the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Ginko, the meeting demonstrated that the isolation of Russia and its political leadership are not out of the question.

” This meeting shows that personal relations between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin – at a good level, they are willing to discuss. With that, Obama is voplotitelem interests of political administration in power in the US it is likely he personally takes the initiative and wants to break out of those conventions in which he drove his own political declarations and to make the right for the whole world. He understands that no dialogue with the leader of a country like Russia is impossible “, – said Vladislav Ginko on Radio Sputnik.

On He said on television footage was seen that happen between the presidents of communication concerned.

“The behavior of the US president was seen that there is a need to discuss a wide range of issues. And it became clear that many of the issues, since security in the world and ending with the restructuring of the economic and financial system in the world can not be solved without Russia – to take into account the interests of Russia and the Russian proposals. I think that Vladimir Putin in fact became the informal leader of the summit, the magnet, which pulled. The attempt to isolate Russia, the Russian political leadership of the world processes failed. In addition, the leaders of Western countries to communicate at a summit with Vladimir Putin, we see at the level of each policy, that their political apparatus works “in one direction”, but in the interests of their own countries, in the interests of the whole world, they themselves must work constructive dialogue. Talks between Putin and Obama is the real way that the world needs, not the language of sanctions and any high-profile political statements “- says Vladislav Ginko.

However, if the strategic objectives in the fight against terrorism, Moscow and Washington very close, the remains tactical differences, the expert said.

“There remain differences on tactics, because of conflicting interests of different departments within the same United States. But at the highest level is necessary to achieve the coordination of all activities related to the challenge facing humanity – terrorism. And here, of course, is not the place “tug of war”. This covert struggle between the agencies in the United States – does not benefit either by the US or global security. That consolidation of the society, which is in Russia, could become a model for other countries “, – said Vladislav Ginko.


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