Thursday, November 19, 2015

Prime Minister of France: there is a threat of chemical attack – BBC Russian

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Image caption The French authorities admit that the disposal of extremists may be biological weapons

Speaking in the French parliament, the Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that those who are planning new attacks in France, could resort to chemical or biological weapons.

Valls said that “the imagination of terrorists has no boundaries,” so you need to prepare for any possible variant.

As the French Prime Minister, first of all we are talking about the danger posed by extremist groups “Islamic state”.

According to Waltz, “the terrorists attacked France not for what she was doing in Iraq and Syria, and for its essence”.

“The new are the methods: they are sophisticated attack and kill. Macabre mindset of those who give orders, is beyond good and evil. Armed attacks, cutting off heads, suicide bombers, knives or all together, “- said the prime minister of France.

He also called on European countries for the common safety to share information on airline passengers.

state of emergency for three months

The deputies of the French parliament approved the extension of the three-month state of emergency in France, which was introduced after the attacks last Friday.

The head of the police service European Union (Europol) Rob Wainwright called the Paris attack the serious escalation of the terrorist threat in Europe, and warned about the likelihood of further terrorist attacks. “The logical to acknowledge that the possibility of new attacks is high,” – said Wainwright, speaking in the European Parliament.

“This is the most serious terrorist threat faced by Europe in the past 10 years”, – added the head of Europol.

On Thursday, police in Belgium raided six apartments in different parts of Brussels, where, according to them, could live accomplices jihadists who attacked Paris. One detainee reported.

On November 20, the European Parliament held an extraordinary meeting of interior ministers of EU member states. It is planned to discuss the coordination of efforts to ensure security in Europe.

As a result of a series of attacks on public places in Paris on the night of November 14, killing at least 129 people, more than 300 injured, the condition of some of them rated as critical.

Weaknesses EU

Image copyright AP
Image caption Abdelhamid Abauda was not among the people who were detained on Wednesday by French Special Forces

Meanwhile, the French authorities claim that on Wednesday they were able to prevent another terrorist attack, the aim of which could be in Paris La Défense.

The French experts working on the identification of the remains of two bodies found at the site of the assault apartments in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis on Wednesday. One of the main targets of the special operation conducted on Wednesday was Abdelhamid Abaud, the alleged organizer of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

However, according to other sources, Abaud now most likely located in Syria. Intelligence agencies check this information.

The French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in an interview with French radio station that if the fact that Abaud arrived in France from Syria, is confirmed, it will show “weaknesses in the whole system of the EU.”

He added that the current situation may encourage European leaders to the early adoption of measures for the introduction to the database of passengers of the EU, through which countries can share information about airline passengers.

As a result of the special operation in Saint-Denis, which began early in the morning on November 18 he was detained eight people. The names of the detainees have not yet made public.


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