Saturday, November 28, 2015

The head of the choir of the Turkish think about changing names – BBC Russian

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Image caption Earlier humorous proposal to rename the choir because of strained relations with Turkey have appeared in social networks

Russian actor Mikhail Turkish said he did not rule out the possibility of changing the names or the names of his chorus on the background of strained relations between Russia and Turkey.

In a conversation with Turkish Business FM radio station said that the current name of the choir is now the Turkish may be disadvantaged. In this regard, he did not rule out that this was the “moment of re-branding”.

“Maybe this is an occasion to reflect on how to change the name or surname, why not. It’s not sex, terrible sex change, instead of a name for the team, “- said Turkish.

According to him, his name and the name of the choir has led to problems of a political nature. In particular, difficulties choir encountered during a concert in Armenia, where strong anti-Turkish sentiments.

“For a long time we stoked the ice of distrust, and set up bridges of friendship. Only the magic power of art, in the end, turned the mood of the concert and as a result people are bred, became wildly cheering, “- said Turkish.

He said that his name no relation to Turkey has not, and traces its history from the Polish shtetl Turets, where his ancestors . Parents Turkish arrived in Moscow from Belarus.

The relationship between Russia and Turkey intensified this week after a Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian bomber involved in the operation of Russian videoconferencing in Syria.

President Russia called the actions of the Turkish stab in the back, and those responsible for the attack on the Russian plane – accomplices of terrorism. After that, Russia has canceled with Turkey visa-free regime and encouraged citizens to refuse to rest there.

Members of social networks jokingly proposed to rename due to strained relations chorus of Turkish, Turkish coffee and a movie “Turkish Gambit”, and Furgal Duma deputy Sergei urged to abandon shawarma.


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