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The producer of “Lube” learned about blocking the accounts of the Russian Authors’ Society – RBC

The worsening situation

The work of the Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) has stalled – accounts of the organization are blocked because of checks on the facts of embezzlement, reports “RIA Novosti” According to members of the author’s Board of RAO producer and composer Igor Matvienko. According to him, the current “private pay and benefits system is not working, but only leads to internecine warfare.” In addition, Matviyenko states that all members of the Board of copyright produce the relevant authorities to give evidence, and the case is now transferred to the prosecutor’s office, reports the words of the composer’s agency.

His Matvienko statements made at the meeting of the Council for Culture at the chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on November 24. Deciphering the words of the composer is on the site of the State Duma.

When a composer looking documents, “his hair stood on end,” he quoted as saying Matvienko. “I even could not imagine that such sums can be displayed, there it is a sum of about 1 billion rubles. The situation is critical, the authors now generally do not get money because the account of RAO arrested, “- said the composer, invited members of the Authors’ Council to establish a working group,” in particular, on the equitable distribution of royalties. ”

In the words of RAO deny Igor Matvienko. “As of November 24, 2015 the organization is functioning normally, the bank accounts of the company are not blocked and not blocked. Of royalties collected, distributed and paid to rights holders – individuals and legal entities – in the normal mode without any interruption, “- said the RAO. Information on the “transfer of the case to the prosecutor” is a fiction, as well as information about the “theft of a billion,” similar fact was not established by the competent authorities, say the waste. The organizations insist: “dissemination of information undermining business reputation».

Check the Ministry of Internal Affairs – in respect of persons related to radioactive waste, but so far about any operational activities in relation to the activities of the society out of the question, said RBC’s press Secretary of RAO Marina Muradova, without specifying concrete names. Muradova declined to comment further, explaining that it must comment on the investigative bodies conducting inspection.

Deputy General Director of RAO Artemy Karpychev in conversation with RBC said he did not understand where the media reported on the statement Matvienko. “Now we are trying to establish whether there has been very utterance or words were taken out of context,” – he said, RBC, noting that until the very Matvienko, he and his colleagues have not yet managed to get through. RBC also could not yet communicate with Igor Matvienko.

Several members of the author’s Board of RAO, including choreographer Natalia Kasatkina and composer Alexander Klevitsky (Vice-President of the Authors’ Council), in conversation with RBC noted that the first time they hear about the arrest of accounts and “will find out what is going on».

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) Russian Interior Ministry also failed to promptly comment on the information about the checks.

Sergei Fedotov, head of UES, did not respond to a request to RBC.

collection in the interests

All-Russian public organization “Russian Authors’ Society” (RW) – a non-governmental non-profit organization that collects in favor of the authors (composers and lyricists) contributions from TV channels, radio stations, cafes and any public institutions, where sounds of music. In 2008, the company received an appropriate state accreditation, in 2013 it was extended to 10 years. As noted on the website of RAO, the company created “by the authors and other copyright holders».

In June, it became known that oversee fees deductions in favor of the holders on the market is preparing a new social structure: the largest authors’ societies – the Russian Union of right holders (ATN ), Russian Authors’ Society (RAO) and the Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (WIPO) – announced a merger. The new structure will be called “The union of artists” Russian Authors’ Society. ” All three organizations in 2013 raised nearly 10 billion rubles.

All three organizations and so actually run a team. CEO of RAO Sergei Fedotov held a similar position at the FPR, and his first deputy in CPR Andrei Krichevsky led WIPO, he was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of RAO and CEO of the company “Melody”. In August of radioactive waste left Krichevsky, but remained head of WIPO, said the representative of “Melody” in a conversation with RBC.

One of the founders of the FPR is the Union of Cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov. Combining the three organizations should strengthen the position of the Union: we already know that Mikhalkov will enter the board of the new association on the market of copyright. As told RBC representative of RAO, the new organization has been created: in accordance with its articles of association were formed by governments and elected CEO – it was Fedotov.

The essence of summer Claims

At the end of August, RBC wrote that GUEBiPK beginning an audit of RAO director is Sergei Fedotov, a longtime partner of the director and the head of the Union of Cinematographers Nikita Mikhalkov. As evident from the documents received when RBC from an anonymous source, the authorities checked “for embezzlement of royalties through the acquisition and subsequent output through front companies of real estate.” Estimated damage – about 0.5 billion rubles.

As follows from the database in 2007-2011 RAO has acquired four properties with a total area of ​​more than 2 thousand sq. M. M .: Two are located on the Butyrskaya Val, 68/70, p. 1, 4, 5, one – in the 2nd Samotechny lane 4, and one – on Shelepihinskoy nab., 8a. Then these four sites were included in the authorized capital of JSC “Service-operating company” (JSC “SEC”), which established the radioactive waste. SEC, in turn, established the three companies (CC “Media M”, “Musical Olympus”, “Media Management”), by making the charter capital of each one object – two Butyrsky Val and one of gravity-flow lane. And then they went to the room to third parties (the company “Siberia-Leasing” and “ROSAVTOTRANS” and Evelina Nikolaevna Oskina). All this information is confirmed then the database Rosreestra and Incorporation.

The representative of the waste then confirms the fact checking, but denied fraud. According to him, the CEA was established in accordance with the decision of the Board of RAO author (the main governing body of the company, consisting of 20 people) for property management and commercial activities. With regard to this decision, the police carried out checks, has queried the author of the members of the Board, the majority of which confirmed the decision taken by the Council. In connection with the economic crisis and the rising cost of maintenance of the premises transferred to the control of the SEC, the decision was made “on their implementation and investing the proceeds in assets that will more effectively ensure the activity of RAO” UES concluded a representative. In what assets, the source of the waste did not specify.

Members of the Board of RAO copyright in a conversation with the correspondent of RBC summer confirmed the fact of checks and were told that they were called to the Interior Ministry. In particular, the Vice-President of the Board of RAO, poet and playwright Nikolai Denisov stated that the organization “have driven people who want to eliminate us.”


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