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“The secret of their eyes”: Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman in a movie – Express-News

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Five years ago, “Oscar” (in the category “Best Foreign Film”) has received the crime drama “The Secret of their eyes” Argentine Juan José Campanella. I got quite unexpectedly. After all, she opposed such “monsters” as Michael Haneke with “The White Ribbon” and Jacques Audiard with a “prophet.” But the victory of the “Mystery …».

Even more unexpectedly received the story of the Hollywood version of this picture. Americans often “a remake of” foreign picture. Five years later, Billy Ray – writer of the first “Hunger Games” and the drama “Captain Phillips” – took to reshoot the story by changing the time and place of action, and focusing on the cast, says Nezavisimaya Gazeta . Starring in the new “Mystery” – Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and star of “12 Years a Slave” Chivitel Ejiofor.

The three first met in Los Angeles in early 2002, several months after the events of 11 September. Jesse (Roberts) and Ray (Ejiofor) – Feds of anti-terrorism department, Claire (Kidman) – the newcomer to slaughter. Fate brings them to the scene of the crime, at the mosque, where the body is found raped and murdered a girl. The victim is the daughter of Jesse, and then getting out of the ordinary with a maniac or a more complex associated with terrorists, deeply personal for each of the characters – the next 13 years. In 2015 he retired from the FBI hero Ejiofor again meets with former colleagues to inform them that he found of escaped then from their hands killer.

Remakes often lose the originals, but in this case, Billy Ray managed to create quite independent and self-sufficient product that can withstand any comparison. Rather watch the movie will be equally interesting to those who did not see, and those who saw the original. With the first all is clear – the story is interesting in itself. As for the second group may initially hostile towards the remake, then these viewers can surprise and please do not similarities and differences between the two films.

The Argentine “Secret” is not like a Hollywood rather than on formal grounds and ideologically. For the director Billy Ray’s the main thing in this story becomes a passion, even obsession that each of the characters has its own – whether it’s searching for a maniac and a desire for revenge, or impossible, but carried through the years and distance love, or even fanatical attitude to your favorite football team. The thought here blurts, and repeatedly, but the social, political and other context – unlike the version Campanella – remains important, but still secondary. However, the director is quite skillful and appropriate uses the given circumstances, in particular the fact that the events unfolding in the United States after September 11, where the fight against terrorism is more important than any other, but personal tragedy does not go to any comparison with a potential threat to the nation.

This crime thriller – intense, with the obligatory twist in the finale – coexists with a detective story and love story. And each of the lines is left abandoned, reticence, it does not go away in the shadow of others. Is the American “secret” and one obvious advantage over the Argentine – talking about the cast. Kidman, Roberts, Ejiofor, as well known for the TV series “Sharp visors” Briton Joe Cole in the role of a maniac, Alfred Molina in the role of chief of police and an honest cop Dean Norris (Hank from the series “Breaking Bad”) – each in its own way raises the picture Drama on the high level.

The director, in turn, very carefully working with them, by doing so, what is happening to the characters during the film’s changes are significant, noticeable, but it looks natural. Whether it’s a light gray at the temples at Chivitelya Ejiofor, a new hairstyle, Nicole Kidman, extinct doomed eyes, pale and untidy heroine Julia Roberts, who for 13 years was not able to until the end to say goodbye to his daughter – is really a lot can be understood by only one eye.


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