Monday, November 16, 2015

The suspect in the bombings was not found during a raid in Brussels – BBC

16.11.2015, 16:26

Police special operation to search for a suspect in the organization of terrorist acts Paris Salah Abdeslama ended, said the mayor of the commune emigrant area of ​​Brussels, Molenbeek Francoise Skepman, reports RTL .

«Yes, the operation started about 10 hours, it ended now, she was held in a good safety, the area was cordoned off, “- she said.

According to her, the police failed to apprehend Salah.

Previous reported that the detainee in Belgium, the suspect is not connected with the terrorist attacks in Paris.

In the evening on November 13 in Paris, a series of terrorist attacks. According to recent data, 129 people were killed, the number of victims of 352 people, 99 of them are in critical condition.


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