Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christian Louboutin asked not to associate the brand with the exhibition Van Gogh – RBC

Christian Louboutin representative in Russia said on the inadmissibility of the use of the brand in the news about the exhibition Van Gogh Artplay, the entrance to which the organizers have promised to make available free to girls in high heels.

Part of the correspondence with the representative of the Christian Louboutin exhibition organizers – PR-agency “Bedush & amp; Marennikova “- published on his page on the social network Facebook PR-manager of the agency Xenia Marennikova.

« I must warn you that at the moment we are asking all the sites that published the news brand remove the presence of Christian Louboutin, so we did not confirm his consent to the use of intellectual property to promote other brands “- led Marennikova words representative of Christian Louboutin.

In response, she wrote that” we let the exhibition will give not labutenah, and heels higher than 10 cm ».

The representative of the Christian Louboutin confirmed RBC that fasting Marennikova shows part of the correspondence of the company with the organizers of the exhibition, in which they discuss the use of the symbols of the brand.

The fact that Organizers of the exhibition Van Gogh promised free access February 13 and 14 girls in heels higher than 10 cm, on the eve reported Metro with reference to the press-secretary of the exhibition Elena Bedush.

According to her attendance at the exhibition has grown by half at the end of January, after the group “Leningrad” came the song “exhibit”, which begins with the words “Serge took me to an exhibition of Van Gogh.” The song also mentions the brand shoes Louboutin. This Bedush noted that the increase in attendance of the exhibition with the clip may, in any way and is not connected.

The representative of the Christian Louboutin also noted that the creativity of the “Leningrad” and directly to Sergei Corded any claims the company does not. “Creation Christian inspired many stars on the creation of songs and videos, and we have never attempted to influence or to encroach on the work of artists,” – said the representative of the brand.


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