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“Deadpool” says Ryan Reynolds Russians coolest on the planet – RIA Novosti

Title character in the movie Deadpool Ryan Reynolds visited the Kremlin

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MOSCOW, January 25 – RIA Novosti . The famous Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds arrived in Moscow in the framework of promo sci-fi thriller “Deadpool”, visited the Kremlin and other city attractions, called Moscow “kinomatografichnym city” and complained that it is removed very few films, and said he loves Russia and Russians consider the coolest people on the planet.

Eighth kinoserii film “X-Men” is based on the comics of Marvel Comics character Deadpool. Reynolds starred and also produced and co-wrote. The film’s protagonist Wade Wilson – former commando, who is terminally ill with cancer. He gets an offer to become a superman with a supernatural ability to heal fast and becomes a mercenary Deadpool. In the US box office release is scheduled for February 9, Russia picture comes out in theaters February 11.

Moscow “cinematic” city

Ryan Reynolds arrived in the Russian capital on Sunday. He visited Red Square, watched the Tsar Cannon and Tsar Bell, visited the temples inside the Kremlin, in the evening he visited the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and went to the Sparrow Hills.

At a press conference on Monday, Reynolds called Moscow “cinematic “the city and was surprised that it removed few international projects.

” I’m surprised that in such a beautiful cinematic city like Moscow, is removed so few films may need some tax relief that will to come to the Russian crews from abroad, as it happens in other cities, “- shared Reynolds impressions with reporters.

The actor said that he liked Moscow and added that he would like in the future to visit St. Petersburg.

would play in the film adaptation of Russian classics

Reynolds said that Russian writers created the greatest works, and he would love to play in the adaptation of Russian classics, if given the opportunity, but he usually offer other roles.

“I came with my brother, a policeman, he is delighted to Moscow, he was terribly erudite, he knows Russian literature,” – he said.

The actor added that he had read “Anna Karenina”, but not so well read, like a brother. Of course, it is necessary to read more classics, but I prefer the satirical novel “- he complained.

The actor also said he is interested in politics at the level of the layman, as” any person who reads the newspapers. “” But I do not as competent to hold some sort of way, but in any political issue has two sides. I’m just an actor from New York who absorbs information “- he concluded.

The coolest people on the planet

” I love Russia and I think the Russians the coolest people on the planet ” – said Ryan Reynolds at the press conference.

The actor admitted that he was surprised that in Moscow, as many people know about his character Deadpool.

“If Deadpool was Russian, he would occupied the night clubs of Moscow and brought here would rustle, I think that it soon would be asked to leave your country “, – joked Reynolds.

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I think its the coolest people on the planet – Ryan Reynolds about the Russians

The film was made under the pressure of the fans

The eighth film kinoserii “X-Men” has been removed because of the fans of the character Deadpool, despite the initial reluctance of studios to finance the shooting, said Reynolds.

“People X “- a popular series of science fiction films made on the basis of the same name comics Marvel Comics. Deadpool character in comics has superhuman strength, endurance, famous for the ability to speak very fast and a good sense of humor. But the silver screen by Deadpool Ryan Reynolds first appeared in the film “X-Men: Origins. Wolverine” (2009) as the enemy of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). At the end of the movie Deadpool beheaded and thrown into the tower. Immediately after the release of the film in the media began to appear information about the possible spin-off about Deadpool.

“Our film was a strange way the studio did not want to shoot, and then they gave us a bit of money, so we did a test, he leaked to the Internet and liked the fans Deadpool, and they just forced to do this film. Through them he came, “- said Reynolds.

The film’s budget, according to media reports, totaled $ 80 million.

“We had to make a movie (which would look) to 150 million (dollars), but they were not, – he said. – Every penny had to be shown on the screen”.

Category 17+

“Deadpool” was the only film franchise rated R, which means that the film has a material intended for mature audiences only. Because of this, the film has been banned from being shown in China.

“The other age rating would have been unfair to the characters. We did not want to sacrifice them. Yes, we are losing audience to Deadpool turned right “, – said Reynolds.

He added that there is a type of film that can be done only in this category, and it allows you to expand the boundaries of the stories captured in the comic books.

Also order by Reynolds Deadpool often drawn from the screen to the audience. In contrast to the partners for the franchise, he only realizes that is the hero of the comic book.

It was the role 11 years

Ryan Reynolds named Deadpool his “alter ego”, noting that it ” close to the heart of this character, “and admitted that he was in this role for 11 years.

” I went to this role for 11 years. I have been an occasional appearance in the image of Deadpool in “Wolverine”, but not much successful “, – said Reynolds. The actor admitted that he was impressed by the sense of humor and self-irony hard Deadpool. “My wife (Hollywood actress Blake Lively – Ed.) Very laughed when watching the film, she liked it,” – he added.

At the round table after the press conference Reynolds told reporters that in the place of his Hero too would prefer death superpower, “even such a terrible price.” “I would like to be able to fly, if I had to choose the superpowers,” – said the actor.

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