Saturday, January 16, 2016

DiCaprio expects to receive an Oscar for the role of Vladimir Putin – “Voronezh Courier” – the newspaper online

The Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio declared that «c pleasure” would have played in the movie by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This actor told in an interview with the German edition of the Welt am Sonntag.

In an interview with the actor indicated that the conversation with Putin was only protect Siberian tigers – “no politics”. In particular, he is interested in Vladimir Lenin and Grigory Rasputin. In addition, the star of many films would not mind the role of Rasputin and Lenin.

The actor believes that directors should pay more attention to the history of the Russian Federation. According to DiCaprio, great grandmother spoke Russian. In 2010, the actor also claimed that it would be interesting to play another policy of the Soviet era – Joseph Stalin. His mother was born in a family of German Wilhelm Indenbirkena and emigrant Helena Indenbirken who at birth was named Elena Stepanovna Smirnova.

The famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, has recently completed work on the painting “Survivor,” for which he can get “Oscar”, shared his thoughts about continuing her acting career.


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