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“Eagle” chose “About Love” – ​​BBC

In Moscow, at the “Mosfilm” was held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the XIV film awards “Golden Eagle».

best film in 2015 was recognized as a comedy by Anna Melikian “About Love ».

The heroine Renata Litvinova gave a lecture on” Arrow “, but this time played five stories. Street artist (Yevgeny Tsyganov) chooses between two girls – brunette and a blonde, anime fans trying to get to know each other without make-up, and a young Japanese woman looking for happiness in Moscow … “About Love” is already recognized as the best Russian film at the recent summer festival “Kinotavr” and joins a collection of prizes received Melikyan.

The choice of this particular painting the best film at the current “Golden Eagle” is somewhat unexpected.

The film was presented in four categories (three – acting), and its rivals were more suitable for this award “Batalon” Dmitry Meshieva, “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Sergei Mokritskiy, “The End of a Beautiful Era” by Stanislav Govorukhin and “Dear Hans, dear Peter “Alexander Mindadze.

Since the” Best Film “opens at the very least, it could be assumed that win or” Batalon “or” The Battle of Sevastopol “- this year’s prize valued historical film. In addition, the “Golden Eagle” generally shares three categories – primary, director and screenplay – and trying not to give it a picture, indicating the actual winners of three years. Except – in 2012, the best film was “Helen” and Andrei Zvyagintsev won a prize for Best Director. But this year all three prizes went to different hands.

best director was named Stanislav Govorukhin for adaptation dovlatovskogo prose of “The End of Belle Epoque».

And the prize for the screenplay to Alexander Mindadze for military drama about the friendship between Russian and German engineers on the eve of the Great Patriotic War “Dear Hans, Dear Peter».

However, the received prizes and “Batalon”, telling about the women’s division, to create a temporary government to raise the spirit of the army (Maria Kozhevnikova – Best Supporting Actress) and “The Battle of Sevastopol” on the Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko (Julia Peresild – Best Actress). But the number of awards in the competition among these films about women in war won “Batalon” – he also prizes for the best music and the work of the sound engineer, and “The Battle of Sevastopol” won cinematography award.

The clear as a leader in the number of awards in this “Golden Eagle” was “The End of a Beautiful Era”. The film Govorukhin won prizes costume designer, art director, as well as for Best Supporting Actor – it was Dmitri Astrakhan.

best actor became Fyodor Bondarchuk, who played in a fantastic Comedy Alexander Voitinsky “Ghost».

Honorary Prize for his contribution to world cinema this year was Nikita Mikhalkov.

The choice of academicians of the “Golden Eagle” nominees in the TV categories possible criticize – for example, they did not see a very good series, which went on the STS and TNT. But to their credit – they consistently collected all serial films that have had at least some relation to Russian history. Thus, among the mini-series (10 episodes) were presented the story of the rise of all sorts of psychics in the 80′s “Miracle Worker” and the drama of the filmmakers’ 70s “Leaving nature.” A win in this category, “The Executioner” – voluntary continuation of “Mosgaz” in which the investigator Cherkasov by Andrew Smolyakova investigating the case, based on the real exposure of the murderers of partisans and civilians during World War II.

Total “The Executioner” has collected three awards – one went to Smolyakova, and the third series has brought Victoria Tolstoganova who played a long time fugitive Tonka machine-gunner.

The best long (more than 10 series) TV series became a very historic “Catherine” with Julia AUG in the role of Elizabeth, Maria Alexandrova in the role of Catherine the Great and Alexander Yatsenko, who played Peter III. Will the members of the “Golden Eagle” in the next season, considered as a candidate for the award is another biography of Catherine the Great (TV series “The Great”) with Julia Bullfinch, which came a year after the “Catherine” is unclear.

“Golden Eagle” has been awarded since 2002 and is one of two Russian film awards. The second – “Nick” – will hold its premium series in March this year.


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