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Emir Kusturica admitted that he wants to remove the Russian film in Russian – TASS

BELGRADE, January 25. / Correspondent. Maria Fedorova TASS /. The famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica wants to make a “Russian film in Russian.” He stated this on Sunday in an interview with Russian-Serb media center “Russian Express” in the place these days in the Serbian etnosele Drvengrad 9th International Film Festival “Kustendorf”.

“I had an idea to make a film about Dostoevsky, ideas I have a million – this is my biggest problem. I’m sure the end of life should withdraw Russian film in Russian, I love Russia, because I feel that in my veins flows the same blood “, – admitted the director.

Russian cinema does not have to copy Hollywood

Kusturica believes that “Russian cinema should not fall under the influence of Hollywood, Russian missiles such as the US, as well, and movies can not be the same” .

“When I come to Moscow, I annoyed by billboards that show that Russian cinema tends to take place in the classification of commercial hits to auteur cinema,” – says the director.

He opinion “in Russia too much of the literary heritage of traditions, to believe that the themes and content of the exhausted and have to imitate Western models.” “In Russia, there is a very good authors, on which rests a Russian film, it is original. There is not a country where there would be more of writers, poets, artists, and not for Russia need to shoot their films in Hollywood recipes” – he said .

A new film and new concerts

The director said that currently finishing work on the film “In the Milky Way,” which he plans to present at the Cannes Film Festival. “Here at the festival will show excerpts from the film, and I’ll do a master class on the topic, and a long time to shoot I will not: I have planned a lot of concerts,” – he said.

About the Russian president

Kusturica shared his impression that it has made the Russian president. “Putin – a wonderful man, a man with the movements of the Tiger. Russian should be grateful that it exists, because Russia with its centripetal force could be in a situation that was before and during the First World War”, – said the director.

“Russia is in good hands, I think that America is hostile to configure, and it’s a real confrontation, it is for him a challenge – to create a European Russia on the Eurasian continent in an environment where American power is real, and maybe the future, it puts a spoke in the wheel. He is a clever man, he will find a solution, “- said Kusturica.

” Russia since Putin became a powerful energy power, which prevents existing two – Shell and Total. This is a particular struggle that lasts for years. Russia can not build a “Turkish stream” because it threatens Europe, and not really European and American geopolitical interests in Europe “- said Kusturica. “Russia is saving Christianity in Syria, if it were not for Russia, the Christians would have disappeared from there. It helps local forces to protect our fellow believers. Many people do not understand the intricacies and the reasons why Russia is trying to cut off the path to Europe. However, this they did not come because Russia gave Europe a huge literary wealth, the most European city – a St. Petersburg, which was built for the glory of Europe. Russia defended by all those who wanted out of it to make a slave. Mr. Putin will not allow Russian gas and Russian oil belonged to outsiders “- said Serbian director.

The festival lasts

Festival” Kustendorf “, which started on January 22 last to 27 January. The winners will be announced at the final day of the film festival. Also on January 27 there will be a presentation of works of the Russian Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts Nikita Mikhalkov.

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