Monday, January 18, 2016

In the Russian hire is “Creed Legacy Rocky” – BBC

Shortly before his death in the ring of the iron fist Russian champion Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), the great boxer Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) affair happened, and was born his son, who was also in the ancient spirit named Adonis. Mother of him, however, refused, and after ten years or so in one of the shelters found Adonis Apollo’s widow – and took to live with. A good woman, of course, the coveted title son relaxed and happy career office, but the blood is not fooled. Most guy liked to fight and beating everyone on clandestine fights in Tijuana, went to Philadelphia to mollify return to the coaching career of former champion and now a restaurateur, a pensioner Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).

The idea of ​​continuing life story invented Sylvester Stallone boxer appeared in director Ryan Kugler, but he Sly, which Kugler came for a resolution, at first resisted, but eventually surrendered to the pressure of a young colleague.

Causes doubt entirely understandable ten years ago on the screens out completely written, staged and played a farewell “Rocky Balboa”, the final of which Italian Stallion dissolved in sunlit autumn air.

For Stallone, who 10 years earlier vegetating on the Hollywood side of the road, the film was a real return to the great movie, but most return to Rocky, he had not planned – after all he a hero in this year will be 70 years.

Nevertheless, why the film was nevertheless put into production, is also understandable.

Director Kugler very carefully treated the canon “Rocky.” At every opportunity overs wakes orchestra or even a string quartet. Hero traditionally promise to fall in the second round, and it is immediately clear that he would stay at least ten. Some phrases without editing suitable for Internet memes from the series “Quotes of the great” – for example: “When You talk, you do not listen».

Finally, Stallone absolutely heartbreaking way again climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

All of this has to nostalgic attraction for fans of the franchise – like how on the basis of already become the seventh episode of “Star Wars.” However, Kugler, apparently because of their age (the director not yet 30), did not allow himself completely succumb to the charm of classic and used drama “Rocky” purely pragmatic reasons – why redo what and so works.

The secret success “Creed” is not skilful restoration, and the exact meaning of what has allowed invented 40 years ago, an amateur boxer, not only become a champion, but also to live up to the present day, each year to acquire new fans. “Creed” as well as “Rocky”, talks about the guys who “fight, because to sing and dance can not” – in one scene appears in the Adonis-shirt with this quote from the first film of the series. It is important that, going to the ring, the hero does not get smarter or prettier, but he can take a punch, get up, if you fell, and is not afraid to give the most important battle – himself. In the mid-1970s, just three days in a room without windows screenwriter Stallone came up with an alternative to the traditional American dream – an absolute success stories achieved by hard work. Sly gave all outsiders (and above all, seem to you) hope of finding a place in life, he has shown that technical loss can also be a real triumph. Blacks hero ‘Creed “, which was born and grew up on a background of the next wave of racism (knock in Ferguson), the idea-to-face, no matter how strange, perhaps more than most Stallone.

Today, black America means for the culture of the continent no less than Italian-Americans of the 1970s, when the “Oscar” at the same time claim “Rocky” Sylvester Stallone and “Taxi Driver” by Martin Scorsese.

Of course, the “Creed” as the previous films of the franchise, a lot to show. It is predictable, sentimental and consistently puts pressure on all the fail-safe pressure points. However, this is the case, just like when a claim actually does not make any sense. Yes, it is sentimental, but this is the first in many years, the case where the subject does not depend on gadgets (including mobile phones), and not for a moment rolled into melkotravchatomu hipster postmodernism. And this, of course, merit Stallone, who is doubtful modern fashion elementary does not fit.

Once the main bugbear of Hollywood today, Sly looks like the figure is almost the scale of Clint Eastwood.

artists who generally do not have to play, in which the internal reliability as it is simple enough to put on a hat, raise your hand and look at the camera. In the “Creed” it is quite naturally blends into the background, providing depth and intensity of action by their presence in the frame. Like Rocky, of course he has won, but, like his hero, yet earned and official triumph – for which we have to wait near the Oscar ceremony.


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