Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kusturica announced his intention to remove the “Russian film in Russian” – Arguments and Facts

Moscow, January 25 – AiF-Moscow.

The director Emir Kusturica stated desire to remove the “Russian film in Russian”, reports Tass.

« I had an idea to make a film about Dostoevsky, I have a million ideas – this is my biggest problem. I’m sure the end of life should withdraw Russian film in Russian, I love Russia, because I feel that in my veins flows the same blood “, – he said.

According to the director, the Russian cinema is not should fall under the influence of Hollywood. “Russian missiles such as the US, as well, and movies can not be the same,” – said Kusturica.

He also shared that his annoying billboards in Moscow, showing the desire to Russian cinema, “to take place in classification of commercial hits to auteur cinema “.

Kusturica believes that” Russia has too many traditional literary heritage “, as the theme and the content is not exhausted to begin to imitate Western models.

“No country in the world where it would be more writers, poets, artists, and there is no need for Russia to shoot their films in Hollywood recipes” – summed up Ksturitsa.


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