Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Miley Cyrus will star in Woody Allen’s show – BBC

In the series, Woody Allen, which he takes for online services Amazon, play pop singer Miley Cyrus. About the project, as is customary Allen, very little is known. We do not even have the name of the series, despite the fact that since the announcement has been more than a year. But the director has already written the script and gaining cast.

The main role Allen traditionally reserved for himself.

In addition, in this series will star 83-year-old actress Elaine May, which Allen has collaborated in 2000 on the movie “Little rascals.” The plot of the series is held in strict confidence; it will consist of six half-hour episodes and will tell the story of some of the 60-ies of the last century.

This leak occurred due to Cyrus. The singer experience in television there – she began her career 10 years ago with the musical series “Hannah Montana,” where she played quite well-bred schoolgirl. But after age Cyrus radically changed its image and became a permanent character gossip columns (for example, it was popularized tverk), and at the same time quite successfully made the transition to adult music (her album «Bangerz» started from first place in the US and Britain). The selected her way, apparently, determines the model of behavior – and here’s the blog of the singer in Instagram appears the post with a pair of off-censorship expressions, where she confessed to love Woody Allen, and at the same time pointed to the events in his new project.

However, Miley Cyrus has not disclosed who will play in the series it is.

The streaming service Amazon ordered series Woody Allen directly, rather than through the now-familiar competition pilots, thanks to which there were such TV series as “obvious” (“Golden Globe – 2015″) and “Mozart in the Jungle” (“Golden Globe – 2016″). Also with the help of the competition pilots on the channel appeared drama based on the novel by Philip K. Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle”, though remaining without winning, but to extend it for a second season.

It is believed that an unnamed show will be for Amazon the first TV project for the 80-year-old Woody Allen, but it’s not quite true. Of course, he never shot series, but at the very beginning of his career in 1950-1960-ies, he worked in television as a writer – for example, wrote scripts for The Ed Sullivan Show and Sid Cesar. It is, of course, for a long time, and after Allen became famous as a film director, his relationship with TV ended – after 1971 he had a matter of the number of teleworking.

In the movie, his achievements are more evident.

For nearly half a century of film career, Allen has removed more than 40 films, received three “Oscars” for the script, and one – for Best Director (“Annie Hall,” 1978), he three “Golden Globe” and eight BAFTA award from the British Academy.

When in early 2015 it was announced that Allen’s cooperation with the online service, vice president of Amazon Studios Roy Price called this honor. But the director was clearly not happy with the fact that he agreed to the project.

«I regret his decision every moment since, as he said,” Okay. ” It was very hard for me. I was quite sure that the show wanted as a rented movie, it would be just a film in six parts. But it turned out that this is not true “, – told the publication Deadline Allen during last year’s Cannes Film Festival.

But to Amazon did much to alleviate the director of his task. He received a carte blanche for the subject and virtually unlimited budget, and the company does not interfere in the creative process.

«I just hope that when I’m done, they will not be disappointed .

They are good people, and I do not want to upset them. I want to do my best picture, “- concluded Allen.

The shooting of the series will begin in March 2016, and work on them should be completed before the end of 2016.


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