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Mosfilm was awarded the prize “Golden Eagle-2015″ – Russian newspaper

Mosfilm. Evening. 18:00. The cavalcade of cars stretched through the checkpoint to the main building, which glows in blue neon. At the entrance, visitors are welcomed by Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of the studio.

“Golden Eagle” – the only award that runs not on the stage of the theater, and in the heart of the domestic film industry, which is more than 90 years: in 1924 the screens out the first film, “On the Wings up”.

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A fanfare sounds. Scene fourteenth ceremony, “Golden Eagle” framed succinctly. On the back side – the big screen, on the left – the emblem of the “Golden Eagle”, in front of her – Stand clear of spreading its wings. In the hall – filmmakers, politicians, movie fans.

A statuette “Golden Eagle” has changed shape. Eagle is now like a way through the rock. Culture Minister Vladimir Medina opened the ceremony and conveyed congratulations from the president: “This award represents the highest professional big success, recognition, new opportunities.” At the prize “Golden Eagle” claimed a lot of pictures, supported by the state: in the category “Best Film” all the tapes have been helped either by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation or of the Cinema Fund.

In 2015, Russia lifted 120 films box office was 80. Expert Hint encouraged academics to vote 52 paintings.

Leading the 14th ceremony followed each other: Maxim Averin, postroynevshaya Pegova Irina and Anatoly Bely, Cyril Razlogov (in butterfly), Lisa Arzamasova, Aglaya Shilovskaya and Valentin Yudashkin, Andrew Merzlikin who took that day from the hospital of the fourth child. Aerobatics The leading Daria Zlatopolsky – she then announced the winners of the hall, then dropped her script and on the move started brilliantly improvise.

Among the TV series for the award claimed “Motherland”, “Orlov and Alexander”, “Catherine” “Once in Rostov”. Most “Eagles” collected “Catherine.” Actress Marina Aleksandrova received an award for the whole crew. She had a double celebration – the newly born daughter, and her husband Andrew Boltenko directed the opening of the Sochi Olympics, was named after the heroine of the series.

“Best Actress” went to the deputy of the State Duma, the actress Maria Kozhevnikova.

– When I started shooting a film about the women’s battalion, sent to the trenches of World War I was pregnant – says Maria – When film producer Igor Ugolnikov learned about it three days did not answer, because of this stop shooting . I was originally supposed to play Faith Skrydlovu, and as a result played Natalia Tatischev.

Among the directors to be the best claim Sergey Mokritsky with the film “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Stanislav Govorukhin with the “end of a great era,” Alexander Mindadze with film “Dear Hans, Dear Peter”. Defeated Stanislav Govorukhin. “I was expecting – he admitted modestly – and did not expect … Anything can happen.”

The best actress was Julia Peresild, sniper Lyudmila Pavlyuchenko played in the “Battle of Sevastopol”.

– In the nomination were submitted to the actress, whom I adore, – says Julia – Mary Aronov, who played Mary Bochkarev in the “Battalion” – star. The second goddess – Renata Litvinova, flashed in the comedy “About Love”. I am happy that the award was given to me. I hope that thanks to the “Eagle” people once again look at our film “The Battle of Sevastopol”.

In the category “Best Feature Film” at the award claimed “Batalon” Dmitry Meshieva, “Dear Hans, Dear Peter” “The end of a great era,” “The Battle of Sevastopol”, “About Love” by Anna Melikyan.

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Forecasts critics that the main battle for the prize in the category “Best Film” will be held between “Batalonom” says about women’s squad, sent to the trenches of World War I, and “Battle of Sevastopol” about the legendary woman-World War II sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko not justified. The best film was the film “About Love” by Anna Melikyan.

– I’m good at drama, – said Anna, she was awarded – but did not expect such a turn. This is a beautiful course – to give a prize easy disruptive film about love in difficult times. Perhaps it’s for the better. Audiences are tired of inspirational tapes, I want to watch a movie about life, love, friendship.

– And who would you have devoted to this award?

– His master Sergei Solovyov and all those who I do not like – that they believed that love will come.


Vladimir Naumov, president of the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia “Golden Eagle”: A lot of worthy films. The strength of our cinema in its diversity. Movies begin to appear profound. Interesting. But the emotional, sensual cinematography goes on TV.

Vladimir Medina, Minister of Culture: The opinion of the professional community – the most important marker. No less important than the testimony of box-office success and the view of spectators. This indicates in which direction you need to go, who to support.

Stanislav Govorukhin, director: The ceremony is always good when it is not overloaded as this.

Andrew Merzlikin actor: “Golden Eagle” – solid premium, which wants to wear a tuxedo.

Nikita Mikhalkov, chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia: I very pleased that the film “About Love” by Anna Melikyan won the main prize.


Award winners “Golden Eagle” in 2015

  • Best Feature Film – “About Love” by Anna Melikyan.

  • Best Feature television film – “The Executioner”

  • Best Gaming TV series – “Catherine”

  • Best Director – “The End of a Beautiful Era” by Stanislav Govorukhin.

  • Best Screenplay – “Dear Hans, Dear Peter,” Alexander Mindadze.

  • Best Actress – “The Battle of Sebastopol,” Yulia Peresild.

  • Best Actor – “The Phantom,” Fyodor Bondarchuk.

  • Best Actress – “Batalon” Maria Kozhevnikova.

  • The Best Actor – “The end of a great era,” Dmitry Astrakhan.

  • Best Operator – “The Battle of Sevastopol,” Yury King.

  • Best Art Director – “The end of a great era,” Valentin Gidulyanov.

  • Best Costume Designer – “The end of a great era,” Natalya Moneva.

  • Best music for the film – “Batalon” Yuri Poteenko.

  • Best Film Editing – “Batalon” Maria Sergeenkova Alexei Maklakov.

  • Best Sound – “Batalon” Anatoly Belozerov, Leo Yezhov.

  • The Best animated film – “Three heroes: a knight’s move”.

  • The best non-fiction films – “Varlam Shalamov. The experience of a young man”

  • Best Actor on TV – “The Executioner”, Andrei Smolyakov.

  • Best Actress on TV – “The Executioner”, Victoria Tolstoganova.

  • The best foreign film – “Berdmen”

  • For outstanding contribution to world cinema – Nikita Mikhalkov.

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National Film Award “Golden Eagle” was established in 2002 by the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Russia, the number of organizations, including the “Russian newspaper”. The first of its holders were Andrei Tarkovsky, George Zhzhenov Fedor Khitruk, Tatiana Samoilova, Michel Legrand and Bernardo Bertolucci.

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