Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Obama first commented on the scandal around the “Oscars” – RIA Novosti

US President Barack Obama, archive photo

© AP Photo / Hilary Scheinuk

WASHINGTON, January 28 – RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. President Barack Obama first spoke on Wednesday about the scandal surrounding the award “Oscar” Academy Award and urged to ensure that on the silver screen were represented ethnic and racial minorities.

None of the representatives of minorities has not been named nominees for the “Oscar” in the leading categories in 2016. This triggered a wave of criticism and the threat of a boycott by the well-known figures of cinema. The Academy announced that it will reform and double the number of women and minorities in its structure until 2020.

“I think that if you tell the story of every person, the art itself will be better. (Industry) entertainment will be better, everyone will feel part of a single American family,” – said Obama, the first African-American as president of the United States, in an interview regional TV channels.

“I think that the industry as a whole must do the same as any other industry – look for talent, provide opportunities for all. And I also think that the debate around the” Oscars “in reality only represent a broader issue: Do we have to have all had the chance? ” – Concluded the president of the United States.


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