Thursday, January 28, 2016

Obama gave advice about the boycott of the “Oscar” – Dni.Ru

Discussions got around the “Oscar” scandal has come to the US president. Barack Obama dodged the direct support of blacks, but urged to take in a movie from ethnic and racial minorities.

Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press Aude Guerrucci

Calls for black actors to boycott the impending ceremony “Oscar” could not remain indifferent to the US President – Barack Obama decided to show tolerance. He chided Hollywood for the situation and called for more tolerance to exercise, providing equal opportunities for all Americans.

“I think that California – a great example of the incredible diversity of our country. This is our strength. I think that art would benefit from using it everyone will be able to tell their story “- the president said in an interview with television channel KABC.

According to Obama, this approach will allow all inhabitants of the country “feel a part of the American family”, so film industry should look for talents, providing opportunities to all , Tass reports. “It seems to me, the controversy surrounding the” Oscar “- really just one aspect of a broader problem . We are taking me enough effort to ensure that everyone had a chance?” – Concluded the president of the United States.

How to write Dni.Ru , the scandal around the “Oscar” broke out after the announcement of this year’s nominees. The black actress Jada Pinkett Smith rebuked the American Academy of racism as among the contenders for the award was not a single black. She was supported by her husband – actor Will Smith, who said that they did not come to the service of “Oscar-2016″. The skirmish suddenly joined the British actor Ian McKellen is gay, angered by the fact that none of open homosexuals in history has received awards from the Academy.


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