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Putin has promised to maintain the standard of living – Dni.Ru

In Stavropol, ended this year’s first interregional forum Russian People’s Front (ONF). At its plenary session was attended by the leader of the soldiers, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who listened attentively to the main concerns of the residents of the south, and also spoke on a range of issues – from the quality of roads and the development of resort building up the role of Vladimir Lenin in the Soviet collapse.

Photo: Leonid Pavlyuchenko

About living standards

The main task of the Russian authorities in the current economic climate is to maintain a decent standard of life. So the president of Russia has commented on the issue of inflation indexation of wages, which was given to it on the forum.

“Of course, we must very carefully ensure that the living standards of people held at a decent level. I’m sorry for the tautology “- said the head of state. According to him, in today’s economic environment is the most important thing that should be the focus of all levels of government.

“Indexing, especially retirees, should be observed in accordance with the decisions and laws”, – the head of state.

According to the president, the economic indicators are told it “cautious optimism.” Thus, the budget deficit in Russia turned out to be less than expected, while maintaining a trade surplus and a fairly large reserves. “We, of course, it must preserve, acting in the social sphere is also very carefully, without inflating the costs, but ensuring the living standards of citizens”, – concluded the head of state.

About the order in the housing sector

Much of the discussion was devoted to the urgent problem – for example, the problems in the housing sector. Co-chairman of the regional headquarters of the Popular Front in the Rostov region Mikhail Popov told the president that the increase in debt in this area takes place inside the housing complex, and ultimately suffered a law-abiding population, which regularly pays for more and higher tariffs.

“There is a huge reservoir of problems and a lot of gray schemes, unfortunately. And indeed, there are attempts, obviously, to pass on to the population problem, which in this area are accumulated for years, maybe decades. We have a total debt in Utilities more than 900 billion rubles, “- declared the president.

The head of state noted that the annual financing in the housing sector should be about 500 billion rubles. “In the budget this figure is very heavy,” – he stated, recalling that this is an idea of ​​concessions in the industry. At the same time, he stressed that these concessions should be monitored closely.

One of the activists of the Front offered Putin to make an open control system utilities and appoint federal executive body that would monitor the implementation of contracts concluded in this area. President of the proposal supported by promising to “make every attempt to implement it”.

“To look at the possibility of a body at the federal, which would control how the work on this investment agreements, certainly not hurt at all. Open the entire chain of operations management organizations from the beginning – from the purchase and to the sale of services – also think it’s right, “- Putin said.

About Russian Alps

President Russia also turned his attention to the topic of domestic tourism. According to him, the Caucasian resorts are not inferior to the tourism potential of your best alpine competitors, however, need to be developed.

“I think that in southern Russia this year rested far more tourists than in the Tyrol, though Tyrol very nice place, a beautiful and wonderful people there, “- he said. In this regard, he called on to adopt the experience of the famous Austrian resort. “We have enormous potential, including the republics of the Caucasus”, – he said.

About the main Russian trouble

The forum also discussed the state of local roads, from century in the age of staying in the status of one of the two main Russian trouble. All the same, Mikhail Popov gave the example of recent practice in his native Rostov region, when the asphalt laid in the snow.

“What you need to definitely focus – it’s that the funds allocated for construction, repair, so that they spent rationally. For nothing plundered, no schemes were not here, “- commented the president.

Putin said that until recently, the situation with the road construction is poor. For example, the road Chita-Khabarovsk (which the president personally tested on a yellow Lada Kalina a few years ago) began to build in the 60-ies of the last century, but could not finish it until the end of construction. “We took it and finish,” – said the head of state.

At the same time he criticized the operators of toll roads, called to set reasonable prices on their sites. “Well, that’s now in Moscow in the direction of St. Petersburg began to build the road, one area put into operation, since there do not travel,” thrashed “prices so that travel is impossible,” – Outraged it.

On the role of Lenin in the history

In the Stavropol forum, Putin returned to his thesis that it was Vladimir Lenin laid the bomb under the USSR. He recalled that Joseph Stalin offered to take the subjects of the future of the country as autonomy with broad powers. At that time it was about Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the North Caucasus. However, Lenin criticized the position of Stalin and said that it was untimely and incorrect idea.

“Lenin advocated that the state – the Soviet Union – was formed on the basis of full equality with the right to secede from the union. And this is a time bomb under the building of our state,” – said Putin.

According to the president, cultural autonomy – this one, with broad autonomy of state powers – is another, and the right to secede from the state – is the third. “Ultimately, including this – along with the inefficient economic and social policy – and led to the disintegration of the state. This is a time bomb,” – explained the president.

About the Party card and the Bible Communism

Putin also said he still keeps a ticket Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and said that he was still looking for communist ideas. He recalled that in the Soviet time it 20 years was in the party.

“I can not say that I was quite so much ideological communist, but I, however, took this very carefully – admitted he said. – Unlike many functionaries, I threw a party ticket, do not burn it. ” According to the president, this ticket is still preserved and “somewhere out there is”.

At the same time, Putin admitted that the idea of ​​communism as a whole it was like. “I really liked and still like the communist and socialist ideas. If we look at the code of the builder of communism, which is widely replicated in the Soviet Union, it is very similar to the Bible. This is no joke, this is such an excerpt from the Bible, in fact,” – continued President.

According to the president, in this code have been fixed very good idea: equality, brotherhood, happiness.

“But the practical realization of these great ideas in our country was far from that stated the utopian socialists. Our country was not like the city of the sun “- said Putin.


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