Friday, January 22, 2016

Serov’s exhibition will not be extended because of the international norms – BBC

22.01.2016 | 19:52

The exhibition of works by Valentin Serov in the Tretyakov Gallery will not be extended, because there are international norms demonstration of works of art.

This is the museum director Zelfira Tregulova told the TV channel “Russia 1».

«Unfortunately, extend it impossible, because most of the works in the exhibition – from two hundred fifty to five hundred and fifty – it graphic works. There are very strict international rules on terms of exposure graphics – 3.5-4 months. That is, we are so exceeds the boundaries and norms “, – she said.

She also added that some of the works of Serov represented in the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane.

According Tregulova, museum staff were not prepared for the influx of visitors “simply because such was never in the history of Russia and the USSR ».

Previous has learned that the exhibition Serov at the Tretyakov Gallery will not renew,” for reasons of safety, security works ».

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