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Tell me, uncle: a review of the new film “The Creed Legacy Rocky” with Sylvester Stallone – Amurskaya Pravda

However, the creators of the picture a little pripozdal with its promotion, and the result turned out to be one of only nominees Sly, to strengthen its position by receiving the “Golden Globe”. It should be noted that the award he received as a supporting actor. The protagonist of the tape is still the most Creed by Michael B. Jordan. The young man on the whole year is not specified, and restart the enchanting “Fantastic Four” will long remember the words, not the most pleasant. But a couple of years before they get involved in the worst comics of our time, Jordan starred in the critically acclaimed (and the jury of the Cannes Film Festival), the film “Station” Frutveyl “the director Ryan Kugler, who now acted as director and co-author of the script” Creed “. “Station” was devoted to police brutality and to this day has not lost its relevance: the new film Kugler can hardly boast the same. The spin-off of “Rocky” Get full of platitudes and false torment; and the main character can understand except that the writers themselves.


The names of Rocky and Stallone still provided good picture of cash performance, although the creators of one of the highest grossing films of its time is much less than the outstanding result. The first film about Balboa at a little more than a million expenses will pay more than 200 times: waving his arms Creed cost much more expensive, and therefore so will not be commercially profitable. The first tape and won the main category of “Oscar-1977″, but Sly was then the only contenders. It is highly probable that he is still allowed to take at least a defective revenge this year. Yet his rivals category deserved victory more. In the “Creed” Stallone recalls, of course, Randy “Ram” from the famous and extremely overpriced “The Wrestler.” True Balboa not summoned so strong mixture of feelings of pity and disgust – the former great boxer simply tired of living. And it would be quite truthfully if not arrangements for his return to life, which is half the picture.


This is especially annoying when you remember that ten years ago, the point in the history of Rocky has put much success and this has not brought. Hero tired of reality back then, longing for the deceased spouse was almost outweighed everything else. In the “Creed” we are seeing the same places, only the champion can no longer go into the ring. In order to strengthen our compassion, Kugler comes up with the inevitable cancer accompanied by such unexpected techniques as unconscious character who manages the air bravely shake the phrase “I’m all right.” Around hysterically runs Adoni – the son of an old friend and rival Rocky, Apollo Creed. He is, you see, I decided to become a world champion in boxing, and the white man out of time even think to play in the box. Young Creed persistently calling old uncle that the latter seems to be much flatter, settles in his house, it leads to a girlfriend. In fact, he, of course, it is still a consequence of fatherless and internatovskogo education. The young man is constantly justify one another, while we are trying to prove that it is called “to achieve the goal.”


It is clear that the treatment of his uncle postponed indefinitely, and again he jumps around your pet. Surely a 12-round fight that ends the film too great impact on the health of Balboa. Creed, however, does not hold back emotions. Learning about the disease mentor, the first thing he has to a stranger’s face, which is why from his girlfriend takes time and you have to solve this problem. Such vital questions the authors’ Creed “plagued by the audience for two hours: a young boxer Ivan Drago is not his, so that the confrontation of two personalities tape build fails. And because it is built on the whims of the baby Creed, which, in general, much more fortunate of those with whom he fought in the orphaned child. However, apart from my father’s fighting spirit, it lives irrepressible posturing, which, in fact, nothing to do in boxing, and Rocky has repeatedly argued this in the previous series. A promising boxer who does not wish to bind any one coach, the ring arranges a street scuffle with a kind of dissection, puffy eyes and bloody spray. And yes, stamped delayed scene “after hitting” there is also available.


However, the moral is that everything is getting better: his uncle appeared unexpected nephew, nephew have – canary, foster mother, although offended, enthusiastic shouts in front of television something about “that’s my boy.” The boy at this time bloody shakes his head and who knows how to hold on legs. Not daring to kill Balboa had in this part (as can be achieved and does unspeakable soap effect), the creators of the “Creed” left himself a loophole for the second spin-off. In the end, the great victories of the latter-day boxer, we have not seen it just begins to live. Well, why not again entertain old Stallone. Chop up hundreds of people from the machine gun on the screen it is clearly tired, and there is almost a benefit, given that the main character annoying, and the rest and did look like cardboard signs that help the audience not to miss another very emotional moment. The actor in the coming year will be 70 years old, there has to be and has a character like Han Solo and Terminator, which all excited, no matter what.

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