Saturday, February 20, 2016

A documentary film about refugees took the “Golden Bear” in Berlin – News

a documentary about the migration crisis” Fire in the sea »(Fuocoammare) Italian Gianfranco Rosi took the” Golden bear “in Berlin – drama He won the jury headed by Meryl Streep, as before – from critics and audiences. For the director this is the second major prize of the prestigious film festival in the quarry – three years ago, his previous film “Holy Roman ring” won the Venice

For Fuocoammare Rosie for several months filming the life of the tiny island of Lampedusa near. Sicily, in which there is nothing remarkable, except the geographical position: it is an extreme point of Europe. To these shores last 20 years has beaten more than 400 thousand. Refugees from the Middle East and Africa. On boats and inflatable boats, in inhuman conditions, without food and water, men, women and children every year trying to cross the sea in search of a better life. As the titles of at least 15 thousand. Of them were able to bring their journey to the end.

The search operation, inspection, registration, medical examination of survivors fugitives come into the fabric of the local daily life. These shots are interspersed with scenes from a parallel reality – measured, “burgher” life of the indigenous inhabitants of the island. White sheets, pasta for lunch, cozy songs on the radio ( “The sea is on fire,” or Fuocoammare – just the name of one of the Sicilian songs). Rosie relentlessly confronts two worlds – the terrible hopelessness and well-being unflappable. For externally impartial manner (no narration or recorded music) hides angry criticism of insensitivity average European to the suffering of others.

Special prize jury awarded historiosophical tragicomedy Bosnian Danis Tanovic “Death in Sarajevo” which reflects on the legacy of the First world war and all the wars of the XX century. Prize Alfred Bauer for the expansion of film language boundaries expectedly received 8-hour black and white “Lullaby sorrowful mystery” Filipino Lava Diaz, which tells about the liberation struggle of the island against the Spanish colonizers.

Best actor jury recognized the Tunisian Majdi Mastura for the title role in the social drama “Hedy” about how society is experiencing the effects of the Jasmine revolution. Best actress – star of the Danish film “The Commune” Trine Dyurnholm, who played the popular TV presenter, who decided in 1970 to turn his home into a hostel in the spirit of socialist ideas. The best director was the French Mia Hansen-Lowe for an ironic psychological drama “The Future”, where a woman in his declining years (Isabelle Huppert), who teaches in the school of philosophy, is faced with a betrayal of her husband’s illness and her mother. The prize for the screenplay took a gay drama “United States of Love” Pole Tomasz Wasilewski, a meditative gigantic motion picture “Counter for” Ian Chao from China was honored «Silver Bear» for outstanding achievement in camera work.

the Russian film “Cloth union” Michael Mestetsky participated in the contest Generation 14Plus, but remained without awards.

this year’s Berlin Film Festival was held from 11 to 21 February. The jury of the international competition was headed by actress Meryl Streep. Opening film was the Coen brothers comedy “Hail Caesar!»

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