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Biography Umberto Eco – RIA Novosti

 Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco

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Umberto Eco (Umberto Eco) was born January 5, 1932 in the small town of Alessandria in the northwest Italian region of Piedmont. His father – Giulio Eco, a veteran of three wars, worked as an accountant. Surname Eco was given his grandfather (abandoned child) city administration representative – an abbreviation of the Latin ex caelis oblatus ( “gift from heaven”)

Fulfilling the desire of his father, who wanted his son to become a lawyer, Umberto Eco arrived in. University of Turin, where he attended a course in law, but soon abandoned the science and began studying medieval philosophy. In 1954 he graduated from the university as a thesis by submitting an essay devoted to the religious thinker and philosopher Thomas Aquinas.

In 1954, Eko went to work on the RAI (Italian television), where he was editor of the culture program. In 1958-1959 he served in the army. In 1959-1975 years worked as a senior editor Eco under the heading “non-fiction literature” Milanese publishing house “Bompiani”, and has also collaborated with the magazine Verri and many Italian edition.

Eco conducted intensive teaching and academic activities. He gave lectures on aesthetics at the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Turin and the Faculty of Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic Institute (1961-1964), was a professor of Visual Communication Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence (1966-1969), professor of semiotics (the science that studies the properties of signs and sign systems ) Faculty of architecture of the Milan Polytechnic Institute (1969-1971).

from 1971 to 2007, the activities of Eco has been associated with the University of Bologna, where he was a professor of semiotics at the faculty of literature and philosophy and chair of semiotics, as well as . Director of the Institute of communication Sciences and director of the degree program on semiotics

Eco taught at various universities in the world: Oxford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia University. He has lectured and conducted seminars in the universities of the Soviet Union and Russia, Tunisia, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Japan, as well as such cultural centers as the United States Library of Congress and the Union of Soviet Writers.

fame to Eco-semiotics came after the publication of the book “Opera aperta” (1962), where the concept was given the “open work”, an idea which can have multiple interpretations, while “closed work” – a single interpretation. Among the scientific publications of the best known “intimidation and united” (1964) on the theory of mass communication, “Poetics of Joyce’s” (1965), “Badge” (1971), “A Treatise on general semiotics” (1975), “On the periphery of the empire” (1977 ) on the cultural history of problems, “Semiotics and the philosophy of language” (1984), “The limits of interpretation” (1990).

Many did scientist for understanding the phenomena of post-modernism and mass culture.

Eko was the founder of the outgoing 1971 journal of semiotics Versus and organizer of the first international Congress on semiotics in Milan (1974). He was president of the International Center of semiotic and cognitive research, the director of the Department of semiotic and cognitive studies.

However, the worldwide fame Eco not as a scientist but as a prose writer. His first novel “The Name of the Rose” (1980) a few years was on the bestseller list. The book was translated into many foreign languages, awarded the Italian prize “Strega” (1981) and the French prize “Medici” (1982). A screen adaptation of the novel “The Name of the Rose” (1986), carried out by French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, received the award “Cesar” in 1987.

Peruvian writer also owns the novel “Foucault’s Pendulum” (1988), “The Island of the Day Before” (1994), “Baudolino” (2000), “The Mysterious flame of Queen Loana” (2004). In October 2010, he left Eco “The Prague Cemetery” novel in Italy. In 2011, at the XIII International Fair Non / Fiction FICTION in Moscow this book became an absolute bestseller.

The seventh novel writer “Zero Room” was released in 2015 on his birthday.

Eco is also a recognized expert in the field of bondologii studying everything related to James Bond.

He was a member of various academies, including the Bologna Academy of Sciences (1994) and the American Academy of literature and art (1998 ), an honorary doctor of many universities in the world, winner of various literary prizes. Eco received awards in many countries, including the French Legion of Honor (1993), a German Order “For Merit” (1999). On it were written several dozen books and numerous articles and theses, devoted to scientific conferences.

In recent years, the writer combined active research and teaching activities with performances in the media, in response to major events of public life and politics.

He was married to a German woman Renate Ramge, who worked as an art consultant. They had two children.

Eco died on February 20, 2016 to 85 th year of life.

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