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Died Andrzej Zulawski – BBC

Andrzej Zulawski was born in the Polish Lvov in 1940. In 1945 his family moved to France, then to Czechoslovakia, and Poland Zulawski returned only in the early 1950s. Having graduated from the Directing Department of the Higher Institute of cinema, Zulawski became an assistant living classic of Polish cinema, Andrzej Wajda, with whom he worked on the films “Samson”, “Love twenties” and “Ashes”. During these years, the future director absorbing experience cinema countries of the socialist camp, watching Wajda and his entourage. During one of his visits to Moscow Zulawski met with his then idol Andrei Tarkovsky.

In a state of extreme intoxication Andrei Tarkovsky suggested that young Poles to withdraw from him in the scene of the crucifixion, but Zulawski, realizing that it will be Russian winter, wisely refused

In 1971, the screens released film “The third part of the night.” – directorial debut Zulawski, dedicated to the period of the German occupation of Poland. The picture provoked a mild scandal: the director was accused of distorting history and the image of the Polish resistance, as well as extreme naturalism. However, “The Third Part of the Night” still has been presented and the audience was a success at festivals, in contrast to the third film Zulawski “On the Silver Globe”. In the film adaptation of the fantastic “Moon trilogy” Jerzy Zulawski (who comes choreographer great-uncle) are still at the stage of filming saw criticism of the current regime, and allusions to the entry of Soviet tanks in Czechoslovakia. Therefore, the Polish Deputy Minister of Culture ordered the destruction of the scenery and costumes. The picture was released in its final form by the author until the late 1980s, and in 1979 received almost Zulawski ban on the profession and went to France. “I think that I do not have so-called” political instinct “. For me the most important thing to be a man free. Responsible, but free. But with respect to these cretins – irresponsible “, – explained his creative principles directed

The Immigration Zulawski took pictures, which gained fame leading global director-author

First of all, we are talking about “Obsession” – macabre parable about love and jealousy with Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani. By this time the director has already won the comparisons with his former countryman Roman Polanski, in contrast to which, however, has not moved to Hollywood. General both Poles was primarily the passion and energy of cinematic language. Heroes Zulawski lot of shouting, they behaved sometimes unduly exalted and pirouettes cameras could cause the viewer dizzy. In addition, the director is really gravitated toward naturalism and justified atrocities, believing that audiences come to the cinema not to miss. Zulawski laughed at colleagues from Poland, to shoot “cinema of moral anxiety”, recognizing their right to tediousness, but denying it to himself.

Since the French period films Zulawski has not had such a bright political overtones (for except for the film adaptation of the opera “Boris Godunov”) and were devoted to the passions of men, who for many years was blamed, and most production – especially after the mid-1980s in the film “Crazy love”, he married 16-year-old Sophie Marceau. However, the director and the actress lived for almost 15 years. In 2000, the last time in Zulawski took Marceau in “Fidelity” – modernized adaptation of “The Princess of Cleves,” Madame de Lafayette. After that, the director devoted himself to literature and for many years said that the deal with the movie he is no longer interested. It was not until last year, when in competition at the Locarno Film Festival, the premiere of the new movie Zulawski “Space”, for which he won absolutely deserved the prize for Best Director.


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