Friday, February 19, 2016

Died Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco – TVNZ

An outstanding Italian scientist, writer and philosopher Umberto Eco. He died at his home on Saturday night, February 19, the newspaper La Repubblica.

Umberto Eco was born January 5, 1932 in the town of Alessandria in northern Italy . He was one of the leading researchers in the field of semiotics, history, culture and aesthetics, says the author of the theory of “open work”, according to which the reader becomes a co-author of the works together with the writer.

Umberto Eco was a professor at Harvard, Yale, Columbia University and Oxford , as well as at the University of Bologna at home, but stopped teaching in 2007.

World fame brought him such bestsellers as “The Name of the rose”, “The pendulum Foucault » and «The Island of the Day Before.” In January 2015, the last novel of the writer was published – “Zero Room»



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