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Echo Eco death in RuNet: sorrow and “14 signs of fascism” – BBC Russian

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Image caption Umberto Eco characterized by cheerfulness and sense of humor to the end

Death of the legendary Italian writer, historian and philosopher Umberto Eco at the age of 84 years has caused in RuNet, as well as throughout the world, a great response: a remembered many commentators, it incredibly lucky with translation into Russian language.

“Last writer’s novel” Zero room “was released by the publishing house” AST “in 2015 and became one of the most important and colorful books the last time in the world literature. Together with millions fans of Umberto Eco, we mourn and express our tribute to this multifaceted, talented writers world-wide “, – expressed his condolences on the site publish his last publisher of the book” AST “, which includes the mark” housing “

Umberto. Eco was born in the small town of Alessandria near Turin in 1932, but most of his adult life in Milan, where he was actively involved in city life.

For the Russian reader Eco opened interpreter, cook, a former literary agent and writer Elena Kostyukovich. In October last year at the Moscow lectures, which visited the correspondent Bi-bi-si, she praised the publishing house “Symposium” for what they decided were the first in Russia to publish the book the author’s difficult for themselves years.

According to Kostyukovich, Moscow 1990s produced the writer a little frightening impression of furious energy. In addition to writers and publishers, Eco met with MSU students.

“Tissue Culture”

As noted poet and translator Valeri Shubinsky, at a conference in St. Petersburg in the 1990 Eco admitted that he wrote about some things – for example, Romani towns and “revolutionary institutions” – not knowing about the existence of their real counterparts in Moldova and Mexico, respectively,

“Just as. Pushkin (or Brodsky) scattered in our speech, we have become a fact of Russian language, Eco scattered in our thinking and become a tissue of contemporary culture – a rare and, in general, a happy fate for a writer all his life sought to marry elite and massive, complex and simple ” – replied literary critic Galina Yuzefovich in the column on the “Medusa”

According to the idea of ​​Eco, there are two levels of perception of any text: to fully appreciate the artistic means only on the second level, where the viewer has already got a glimpse of. story.

The film critic Anton Dolin recalled how each new book Eco coincided with his personal interests.

“I think the most important writer in my life. Loved by many, but there was no more important. And it is unlikely to be. In general, he is constantly sensed “, – wrote the Valleys in the” Facebook “

” 14 signs “

14 signs of the eternal fascism by Umberto Eco

  1. There is no place the development of knowledge
  2. The rejection of modernism, irrationalism
  3. The cult of action for action’s sake, suspicious of the intellectual world
  4. The disagreement is treason
  5. Racism
  6. Reliance on the frustrated middle classes
  7. nationalism, obsession with conspiracy
  8. the enemies are drawn in the same time as too strong and too weak
  9. pacifism is trafficking with the enemy, life is an eternal struggle
  10. Contempt for the weak
  11. death Cult
  12. the cult of masculinity, ie disregard for the woman and the ruthless persecution of any non-traditional sexual preferences
  13. The individual rights of the individual has not, and the people appears as a monolithic entity expressing the Common will
  14. Newspeak

many leaders of the Russian opposition remembered the famous 14 fascism signs created by the author.

Publisher Sergei Parkhomenko even had a personal experiment in the Krasnoyarsk economic forum, read aloud the very same signs.

“Invite people to bend his fingers, when they identify something familiar from the surrounding life. Without naming what it is, of course. And no one seems to be listening not dogadalsyayu. Then he asked how many were numbered friend. shout from the audience – “The Ten,” “Twelve,” “Thirteen!” Only then said it. Long pause … “- shared the former Chief Editor of” Around the World “

There were, however, and criticism, which is not very upset by the death of the author

..” Umberto Eco died .Chelovek was bloated. In fact, Eco was like Joan Rollings – avtorshi Harry Potter “- believes the writer Eduard Limonov

Many people remembered that the day before she died an American writer Harper Lee -. Author influenced the American society of the famous book” to Kill a Mockingbird February merciless to world literature “

.” “, – radiopublitsist mourns Vladimir Varfolomeyev

.” Harper Lee is a pity, but Eco – Eco was very dear. Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, a blind librarian Jorge, in the pursuit of the stacks, the second volume of “Poetics” of Aristotle. He was terribly unlucky in Russia – he was with love and understanding translated and time read, “- wrote a former chief editor of the magazine” Bill “Yuri Saprykin, accompanied by the message of a video in which Eco gives young writers advice and describes themselves as a consisting of 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration

his first novel -. “Name of the rose” – Eco published in 1980. This book later became most famous for his literary work, and was filmed in 1986. The main role in the film played by Sean.. Connery

The seventh and latest novel by Umberto Eco -. “Zero room” – was published in January 2015, he has written numerous essays on philosophy, linguistics, semiotics, medieval aesthetics

itself.. author considered literary activity is not the most important part of his life. “I am a philosopher. I write novels only on weekends, “- said the author of linguistic essay” To say almost the same thing “



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