Friday, February 26, 2016

Identified four of those killed in the mine “North” in Vorkuta – RIA Novosti

The police officers at the entrance to the mine in Vorkuta North building

© Photo courtesy of the press service of the EMERCOM of Russia

PETERSBURG, February 26 ─ RIA News. Identify the four of those killed in the mine “North”, where there was a collapse of rock, told RIA “Vorkutaugol” News spokesman.

According to the Emergencies Ministry, the collapse of rocks at the mine “North” in Vorkuta at a depth of 748 meters in 14.22 MSK happened Thursday. Total in the mine were 110 people at the time of the accident, 80 of them are displayed on the surface, four died. The fate of 26 people remains unknown. Search-and-rescue operation in the faces complicated by three powerful dam and heavy smoke. To eliminate the consequences of emergency on mine attracted nearly 560 people and 100 pieces of equipment. Earlier reports on the identification of the two victims.

“Identified all the dead It Vitaly Lavrov -. Deputy director of mine” Northern “for the production of Maxim Hohonov – the deputy chief of a site, Vladislav Furmanov – mining drilling and Andrey Pozdnyakov – assistant engineer rig”, – she said

According to her, now the rescue operation continues. She recalled that in the administrative building of the mines deployed temporary accommodation for the family, there are on duty doctors and psychologists.


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