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Interpreter Kostyukovich – the arrival in Russia Eco – BBC Russian

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Image caption The very Kostyukovich is the author of the historical novel” Zwinger “of world war II

died in the night of Saturday, the Italian writer Umberto Eco became widely known in Russian translations Elena Kostyukovich -. a writer, chef and even a former literary agent author “Foucault’s Pendulum” and “Islands on the eve of”

in October of last year at the Moscow lectures, which visited the correspondent bi-bi-si, it told the impression made on the writer’s Russia.

About the breakthrough to the reader

The global success has been to Eco success at home, and not vice versa.

“Name of the rose” had no chance of being sold in the United States: it was difficult, the publisher demanded that crossed 100 pages of it. They really wanted to facilitate his, and the novel became a bestseller by chance: during the week is not a miracle, a book by James Mitchener “Poland”. This author’s long saga loved Americans.

I do not resist to deletion Latin, but did not agree to delete the first sentence. If you recall, the novel begins with the “Prague Spring” – it gave him the freedom-loving special significance. In 1984, it was impossible to imagine that the Soviet Union would have printed the phrase: “In Prague, in the unfortunate city include the Soviet troops.” I had to sit with this manuscript until 1988.

About the film adaptation of “Name of the Rose”

When Umberto Eco told here in Moscow, in a lecture that the film adaptation [ " Name of the rose "] Jean-Jacques Annaud’s disgusting, it can certainly think so, but he was involved in its creation: say, how to build a scene, a monk from coming out, so be sure to was James Bond [actor Sean Connery] <. /> p>

The Church and the whole decoration made of papier-mache for the film he perevёz to his dacha. In this church, he played the flute.

The scale of the individual

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Image caption Eco until the end of the life of loved cigars and wine

April 25 [2011] in the Milan area was able to throw [henchman Silvio] Berlusconi – has won the mayor of the opposite camp [Giuliano] Pizapia. A huge crowd at the Piazza del Duomo. Someone goes to the microphone and said, “the most famous man in Italy, will speak to you.” And then the crowd starts to chant: “Umberto, Umberto!” I thought it was my dream.

Eco want to say so that was funny. This figure – a pleasant and interesting. Eco is an Italian intelligence and Italian aesthetics

On the first personal meeting

I came the first time to Italy and first met with Eco:. He came to meet me with the novel “Foucault’s pendulum” in his hands. At, say, sit down, translating.

On a tour of Russia

We arrived in Russia in 1997. FIAT promised car, but in the “Sheremetyevo” arrived broken, “Lada”. We rescued rustic wealthy young people. I arrived jeep with a tattooed skinhead driver. Eco very lively at all reacted, it was very stormy. In St. Petersburg, he collapsed, there was a crowd with mounted police, and he did not have enough air.

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Image caption According Kostyukovich writer was for Milan living symbol – almost like the Duomo

he had the impression of Russia as a child, when he was most influenced by Dmitry Merezhkovsky. He asked me where to buy thin Russian cigarette – I do not know, he took them from a French novel [such by Merezhkovsky description, smoked his wife - also a poet and writer Zinaida Gippius]. On the cruise [Eco journey across Russia] had little money, we had tickets economy class on “Aeroflot”. But the head of “Aeroflot” in Italy, Luigi Colombo transplanted us to business class

Eco memorable sunset on the Red Square, he gave an interview in Moscow on 30 and 12 -. In [St. Petersburg]. He then said that he liked the little Russian, there is only the Kremlin and there is no time.

What is the gift of fate? When Umberto Eco I found in your typos.


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