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“Katerina Ismailova” – a ray of light in the darkness – TVNZ

I was wary. Shostakovich I deeply respect, but I can not name a favorite composer. Directed Tuminas, of course, one of the most interesting directors of Moscow , but poses a serious opera for the first time. Pull if he this edifice, this hulk that the Soviet authorities, not burdened by the culture, called “Muddle instead of music” in a devastating article “The Truth” and permanently removed from the repertoire?

In short, I was waiting for some kind of theater finds unusual solutions – how can Tuminas: three Katherine, for example, there are ghost dance or anything … I was waiting for, even polite boredom, not only of what happened

All – two.? three? hours – I just lost track of time, with the first stage, from the first note, I was picked up by this hurricane struck me passion, I just collapsed along with the characters in the depths of love and despair, and, knowing the story, watching the action, not breathing even hoping – what if, what if ?, but a furious stream carrying the heroes, and I was with them, crushing, mutilating, gaping crater to the finals, we felt her certainty, and could not be with them, did not want to stop

no theatrical notions were not. Well, that is, they were, but hidden deep inside. No one gave a magnificent podporochki Tuminas his actors. He pushed them to the place of execution, and forced eversion inside his gut, pull out your soul this rending, oozing blood music

The whole scenery -. High off-white walls with loopholes windows – yard there, the prison – all one. Katerina is always a prison

All the expressive means -. It is music. And the actors themselves.

The perfect stage decision making choir plastic decoration. This roevidnaya gray mass of people, almost indistinguishable in the form of home workers from future kandalnikov, then wraps around the characters, then shatters in fright, then reassembled in a highly controlled boss – then the merchant, the policeman – a swarm. They will say – will bruise will say – zamrut …

Great satirical scene aria police complaining about how difficult it is to take bribes, causing laughter in the hall this, which Shostakovich, which gave in the days of relatively vegetarian in this sense, the Soviet police, not even counting

But most importantly -. brilliant soloists in the performance became true dramatic actors. Here are all good and perfectly accurate. Lanky chubby with glasses – the husband of Katherine (Maxim Pasteur ). Fanatically strict father in law, which is itself a lot of sin and now would not mind, but is willing to screw all of that to which he is no longer able (Andrew Gonyukov ). Bright, peasant handsome, ruthless serpent Sergei (Oleg Dolgov).

But the main course, she …

Shostakovich did everything to justify your Katerina. He changed the novel Leskov «Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk” by removing therefrom scene infanticide, simply deleting a nephew of the action. His Katerina does not kill for profit, does not give birth, and does not leave a child

It is the whole -. Only love, passion, suffering. And if you’ve seen it flies directly in the heavenly heights, then writhes on the ground from this tearing apart her love Katherine Mary Lobanova (I watched Russian composition, and say they better, well, okay, -. no worse invited to the first performance of foreign stars)

Looking for her , you forget that it is – the opera that is all – the theater, you mecheshsya with her flashed a light beam, among the dark realm of unrestrained. And what is a heavy blow to the feelings of when to give everything until the last woolen stockings Sergey Katerina suddenly sees that he gave them to her rival.

She turned away from us, froze seems to explode cry. And then instead shouted orchestra – violin wailed, moaned pipe around the lonely figure of Katerina whirled heavy mortal whirlwind of music … And she has just stood down under pressure from his shoulders …

Brilliant opera. Brilliant orchestra (conductor Tugan Soziev). Gorgeous setting.

I have recently seen a lot of things at the Vienna Opera. Including with the participation of world stars

Here’s be honest -. Nothing like the strength to see the effect produced was not necessary. One side effect of this setting – I felt a sense of pride in their country. And sure – this production will win the world

When the curtain fell, I found myself singing ‘heart-rending “Bravo.”. And if briefly,

This is what I wanted to say everything beautiful team.


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