Sunday, February 21, 2016

Major terrorist attacks in Syria in 2015-2016 – RIA Novosti


February 21 double attack took place in the neighborhood Az-Zahra in Homs city. Two suicide car bombs exploded in the street Al-Sittin. According to police, the terrorists have parked the car at an intersection in front of each other. According to the Interior Ministry, the terrorists were planning to detonate a bomb at first, and after the state of emergency in place to gather the people, give effect to the other. However, from the first explosion detonated explosives in the second car. Victims of terrorist attacks have become 46, 115 injured.

On January 31, the Shiite quarter of Saida Zainab in the south of Damascus, there were three explosions. One bomb terrorists detonated remotely – it was laid down in one of the cars at the same time close to a suicide bomber blew himself shuttle bus. A few minutes later he blew himself another terrorist. The victims of the triple explosion became 76 people, 128 people were injured. Were burned dozens of cars and shops.

January 26 suicide bombing carried out on a car bomb near a checkpoint in the military quarter of Az-Zahra in Homs. According to media reports, a suicide attack killed 30 people, more than 100 injured.


On December 28, the center of Homs, three explosions rocked. Terrorists blew up one after the other two cars stuffed with explosives. After that, a suicide bomber detonated a belt of explosives on the site of the second attack. As a result, a triple suicide attack killed 14 people, more than 100 people were injured.

December 12, terrorists blew up a car bomb near the hospital Al Ahli in the center of Homs. The second explosion was the result of a terrorist attack – near the site of the accident were gas cylinders which exploded

The staff of the city hospital reported the death of 22 civilians, more than 140 people received injuries of varying severity.. As a result of two explosions partially destroyed several houses and shops, burnt a few parked cars.

On December 10, the Christian city of Tel Tamr Al-Hasaka province three terrorist attacks were carried out in succession. Car bombs exploded in busy streets and the military hospital. The victims of the terrorist attack began at least 58 people, more than 100 injured.

November 10, two explosions in the afternoon on the road linking the city and airport Hmeymim Latakia, where the group of Russian combat aircraft. According to the authorities, they were two rockets fired by militants from the suburbs of Latakia. One of the rockets exploded near the University Tishrin. The second fell not far from the average female school. Killed 23 people, 64 were injured.

September 14 terrorist group “Islamic State” committed two terrorist attacks in the center of El Hasaka and the north-east of the city in Syria. The first explosion occurred in an area Haschman the north-eastern entrance to Al-Hasaka, a second explosion occurred in the center of exactly half an hour – blew up the tank with 5 tons of explosives (about 50 kilograms of TNT). Victims of terrorist attacks have become more than 30 people, at least 45 people were taken to the hospital.

4 September terrorists detonated two car bombs in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Es-Suwayda. Killing at least 26 people, another 50 people were injured.

March 20, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the festival during the celebration of the new year on the solar calendar (Nowruz) in the Al-Mufti in the Kurdish town of El Hasaka in the north-eastern Syria. Killed 45 people.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti


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