Thursday, February 18, 2016

“Oscar” nominees to give calls to ban sex toys – BBC

This bonus season may go down in history as the American Academy scandalous. Moreover, a new scandal began virtually from scratch, unlike the previous one, associated with the lack of acting nominations 88th (as well as last year’s, 87 th) “Oscar” of blacks. In addition, the struggle for equal representation on the actors’ award of all races, which was accompanied by accusations of bias and older white academics and calls for a boycott of the ceremony, was conducted largely within the professional community. New same problem has nothing to do with the question of whether a well-played by Idris Elba, or whether it falls short of work “Bezrodnykh beasts” to the level of the applicant for “Oscar”. Everything is much more serious.

This week, the American Film Academy has sued a marketing company Distinctive Assets, which distributes on behalf of the “Oscar” some gift sets.

Advertising campaign of this action was accompanied by the slogan “for” Oscar “win-win. Present for the nominee »(Everyone Wins at the Oscars! Nominee Gift Bags).

According to the lawsuit, marketers have used a registered trademark of the Academy for their own purposes. Indignation Academy caused primarily content sets – may be there the usual gifts, the problems would not have arisen. But Distinctive Assets presents, for example, a certificate for plastic surgery services ($ 5.5 thousand.), A sex toy (for $ 250), a set smoking marijuana (also for $ 250) and an exclusive toilet paper (for $ 275) . Among the gifts there are vouchers for hiking trips to Israel or Japan, which cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The total value of gifts in excess of $ 200 thousand.

Get gifts are not all the nominees “Oscar”. They are given only to those who presented four actors (best actor and actress, best actor and supporting actress) and directing nominations

The lawsuit academy says. Media widely discussed the strange items in gift sets that not only violates the copyrights on the Academy “Oscar”, but also discredits the award. It is interesting that in the past year, Distinctive Assets nominees already handed something like that, but then academics limited verbal exhortations and no legal steps have been taken.

And this despite the fact that sex toys, and smoking accessories in the past year were also.

According to some reports, writes The Variety, in 2015 took gifts to all the nominees as well as the master of ceremonies Neil Patrick Harris. The total value of gift sets amounted to approximately $ 2.5 million.

According to the lawyers representing the Academy in court, Distinctive Assets company actually committed fraud by showing that the filmmakers involved in the distribution of “extravagant gifts’ or even approve of them .

«the Academy has no relationship with Distinctive Assets, she hired this company, not to advise her, and did not help in the spread of gifts.

All posts on “official Oscar gift bag” does not correspond to reality, “- said lawyers

However, the scandal continues to gain momentum.. In social networks actively promoted hashtag #OscarGiftBag (a gift from the “Oscar”), it gradually replaces the previous – #OscarsSoWhite ( «Oscar” this White), who accompanied the racial scandal. By the way, the inclusion of a gift voucher in Israel has led to further protests – British organization dedicated to help Palestine, called on Palestinian refugees to transfer gifts

Prior to the announcement of the winners of the 88th “Oscar” remains very little time.. Will the gifts from the ingenious marketers to influence the course of the ceremony, we will see 28 February.


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