Monday, February 22, 2016

PR-director of Jamala said there is no implication in the song about the deportation of the Tatars –

PR-director of the singer Jamala Dennis Kozlowski told that the song with which she is going to perform at the “Eurovision” contest, has no political overtones. He reported it to the radio station “Moscow speaking».

«There is emotion, story. That is what she sings, plays a very important role – this issue is broader than simply the deportation of the Tatars. A lot of people, including those living in Ukraine, survived the Holodomor and the Holocaust, the subject is close to many. We do not see here the political overtones, similar songs have appeared on the Eurovision Song Contest “, – he explained

Earlier, the official representative of” Eurovision “Paul Jordan said the radio station that the text Ukrainian singer song Jamala deportation of the Crimean Tatars will be checked. including profanity. According to him, if that is necessary, the singer will be asked to replace some of the words. The decision on the admission of Jamala songs for the contest will be made on March 14.

The first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Vadim Dengin expressed the hope that the leadership of “Eurovision” will not allow the song to the competition. He considered it a strange choice and expressed confidence that the voice clocked specifically to humiliate Russia. He added that the majority of Ukrainian citizens simply can not afford to watch “Eurovision”, because they have no money for the electricity payment.

Jamal won the national qualifying round of “Eurovision”, the results of which became known in the evening on Sunday, 21 February. She performs original music at the crossroads of jazz, soul, world music and rhythm and blues, electronic music and gospel. The fame brought Jamal speech at the International competition of young singers “New Wave 2009″ in Jurmala, where she received the Grand Prix.


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