Friday, February 26, 2016

Pugacheva again suing Kudikova – Dni.Ru

It would seem that after the debt collection with business partner Irson Kudikova Alla Pugacheva has calmed down. However, there it was. Now Diva domestic scene deals with the company, which has established with the singer.

Alla Pugacheva and Irsen Kudikova. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK press Komsomolskaya Pravda

The Moscow Arbitration Court has registered the claim the singer Alla Pugacheva to the capital of the company “Future Star” . The general director of the organization is a graduate of the TV project “Star Factory” and partner Pugacheva Business Irson Kudikova (real name – Irina Nusinova) competent according to RIA Novosti

The suit went to arbitration February 24, the production of it. is not accepted , the object and cause of action are not specified. According to the agency, Ltd. “Future Star” with registered capital of ten thousand rubles Pugacheva and Nusinova established in 2013 on a parity basis. The main type of activity is an additional education of children. The press has a school of creative development of Future Star children called school Alla Pugacheva.

It should be reminded that Diva sued Kudikova , to return seven million rubles and 200 thousand dollars, which she borrowed former member of “American Idol” on the development of their overall school. At the same time, according to some sources, Irson hid from Alla million of debt of her husband Alexei Nusinova.

Pugacheva said it is opening a new workshop of pop art, which will be managed independently. “We really ran with Irson as we do not match the concept of parenting children but parted us peacefully, -. She said -. I – a school, she – a kindergarten With regard to the judicial. action, it is just a legal formality to issue debt. this deal with my lawyers to draw our section. ”

“I wish the best of luck with her Irson kindergarten – concluded the singer -. And I’m doing now with their children.” Nevertheless, Moscow’s Meshchansky court in September 2015 on the suit sought to Pugacheva Nusinova more than 200 thousand dollars, seven million rubles, as well as penalties and interest in the amount of 2.5 million rubles and 57 thousand dollars under the loan agreement.


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