Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Putin discussed with Assad the cessation of hostilities in Syria – RBC

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin Photo: Alexei Druzhinin / TASS

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with the head of Syria Bashar al-Assad. According to the Kremlin, the presidents discussed the Syrian crisis in light of the cessation of hostilities from 27 February, which had previously announced Putin

On Wednesday Vladimir Putin scheduled several international phone calls, mainly related to the Syrian settlement, told press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. It is reported by the correspondent of RBC

«Most recently ended the conversation of President Putin with President Assad,” -. Sands said. Later on Wednesday held a meeting with the permanent Security Council members, he added.

The official Kremlin statement said that President Putin and President Assad discussed “various aspects of the Syrian crisis in light of the objectives for the implementation of the US-Russian statement on the termination of a February 27, 2016 the fighting in Syria. ” “Bashar al-Assad described the statement contained in the above proposal as an important step towards a political settlement. Confirmed, in particular the Syrian government’s willingness to promote the establishment of a truce “-. It was reported by the Kremlin press service

On Sunday, 22 February, Russia and the United States agreed to a cessation of hostilities in Syria on 27 February. The cease-fire will not affect the “Islamic state” banned in Russia and other terrorist groups. Putin announced the decision in a special message.

Peskov also commented on the publication of The Wall Street Journal that the Pentagon and the CIA prepare a “plan B” in case of failure of the truce in Syria.

“at the moment concentrating on plan A, and we believe that to discuss and work on the implementation of the plan and of the initiative, which was formulated by the presidents of the two countries – this is our priority”, – said Peskov, the question “Does Moscow have information about the US plan B for Syria? “. “By concentrating fully now those tasks are formulated by the Presidents of the two countries”, -. He added

On the question “Does Russia have a plan B,” Peskov said that it was premature to talk about any the other planes. “Right now the most urgent task – to reach a cease-fire on those groups who support the initiative,” – said the press secretary.

Sands also answered the question “Can the joint work on the implementation of the agreement on Syria to improve relations between Russia and the United States? “. “Undoubtedly, the interaction of a greater or lesser extent – it somehow leads to increased level of mutual trust. & Lt; … & gt; Despite all odds, still a manifestation of a certain political and other will sometimes allows for Moscow and Washington to go to a very important result, as it did, for example, chemical weapons, “- said Sands

He added. that “the work is ongoing, including those conducted very intensive contacts, because the country will now be to use regional or another force groupings and parties to the conflict»


According to Peskov, a ceasefire agreement was prepared in the course of closed bilateral Russian-American talks. He noted that President Assad “may have their own point of view on the various modalities of the Syrian settlement.” However, it is Russia and the United States’ use of their influence and their potential in order to bring closer the positions of those countries which have diametrically opposed views on the settlement “, – explained Sands

« The range of views is very great.. You need a job very filigree “, – concluded Sands.


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