Friday, February 26, 2016

Russian counterpart DiCaprio interested WSJ – BBC

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The Russian actor Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike Roman Burtsev interested in American newspaper The Wall Street Journal . The publication devoted Burtsev article that tell about life counterpart and shooting at a parody of the movie “Survivor».

Previous reported that Burtsev was invited to a reality show on TV “Moscow 24 “.

also reported that the Russian counterpart DiCaprio spoke about how gained popularity, as well as a new project with him and his feelings on the changes in life.

as WSJ notes, more recently 33-year-old Burtsev was “languishing on Lovesickness» expert technical support in the rescue service Podolsk, and now he is shot in mock clip, the plot of which he had to crawl around Moscow for the “Oscar».

Burtsev told the newspaper that for the reality show he has to get up at 4.00, he worked for 37 consecutive days, and because of the busy schedule, he does not go out on dates. In addition, double DiCaprio said that the experience gave him confidence.

Burtsev also admitted that he dreams of his wife and children. “Every man needs a sense of life”, – he said

The paper draws attention to the fact that in Russia, many are sick of this DiCaprio for “Oscar” as the actor spoke about his Russian roots and . He expressed a desire to to play Russian President Vladimir Putin. The publication adds that in Yakutia for DiCaprio do own “Oscar”. Burtsev also hopes the actor’s victory.

According to Burtsev, he hopes that one day personally meet with DiCaprio to find out if they have any “inner resemblance».

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