Thursday, February 25, 2016

The precious painting returned to the museum 70 years after theft – BBC News

In the Far East Art Museum returned a painting that was stolen from him 70 years ago. Its cost – $ 3 million. This work by the French artist Jean-Leon Gerome “Shepherd”.

The picture has been transferred to the museum of the FSB Directorate for the Khabarovsk Territory. It is performed on a small piece of wood parquet. It was stolen in 1946 from the exhibition in the old building of the museum in the former synagogue in Khabarovsk, told reporters the chief curator DVHM Svetlana Zhuk.

“Picture Jerome came to our museum in 1931 as part of the exposure of Western European Art from the Hermitage . in 1946 it was stolen from the room of the museum in an old building on Frunze street, which before the revolution was a synagogue “, – says Beetle

according to her, in the hall there were 6 partitions, each of them placed. picture. On the whole the museum was only a cashier caretaker. A picture is small, it’s easy to carry out under the hem of his jacket, reports TASS.

Now, said the Beetle, taking into account the price of the antique market and international auctions, a work written in 1857, it could cost up to 3 million dollars. Already in the beginning of March, the picture will fill the exhibition “Unknown Hermitage”. It will be presented works of art referred to Khabarovsk in 1931 from the Hermitage.

“A few months ago, we received information that the” black “antique market will be painting by the French artist of great value. During the operational work of the FSB found that kind of picture and the person from whom it was, “- said the head of the FSB department for the Khabarovsk Territory Sergey Demin

according to Svetlana Zhuk, another picture of Jerome was kidnapped in the Hermitage, but. after some time it had been planted in the building of the Ministry of culture. In the Far Eastern Art Museum – this is the only picture of the French classical painting X and X century

The picture “Shepherd” (22.8 by 14.9 centimeters), a French artist, painter and sculptor, representative of academic Jean. Leone Gerome (1824-1904) wrote parketirovannoy oil on board. Against the background of the light sky and smoky landscape it depicts a young man with long shoulder-length hair, a hat, a cloak, with a pipe in his hand

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