Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ukrainian TV channel will sue the State cinema of the ban Russia’s “Kitchen” – Rosbalt.RU

February 27, 2016, 09:59 | Ukraine | ban | Prigogine | sanctions

 The TV channel “1 + 1″ will sue the State Agency of Ukraine for Film Affairs (State Committee for Cinematography) because of the ban “Kitchen” series, produced in Russia.


 “Entertaining show about life behind the scenes of the restaurant has become a favorite for millions of Ukrainian viewers. State Committee for Cinematography permit his show canceled. The reason: in an episode of the fifth season appears the husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine. Official Kiev has made it to the list of unwanted figures, supporting the Russian aggression against Ukraine “, – reported on the website TSN


 The paradox is that Prigogine appear in only one episode of a series that the channel 1 + 1 does not even bought. That is, the series banned on the grounds that the viewer in any case could not be seen, noted TV people.


 The law on amendments to some of the documents on the Protection of Information teleradioprostranstva Ukraine came into force on 4 June 2015. It notes that banned to show films that “popularize the authorities of the aggressor state».


 February 11 The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine banned the rebroadcasting of Russian TV channels in 15 Ukrainian cable networks. It is a channel “Top Secret”, “Who’s Who”, “Chanson-TV”, “Amusement Park,” “World series”, “Auto Plus”, “Kitchen TV”, “KHL”, “Science 2.0″ “My planet”, “Telecafe”, “Fighter”, “time: distant and close”, “Real Scary Television” (NST), “Dress»



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