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Umberto Eco: a guide to creativity – Arguments and Facts collected short guide to creative Eco – a book that is worth reading to get an idea about the Italian writer, philosopher and researcher of popular culture

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« Name of the Rose »

The Russians learned about Eco thanks to this novel, although in the West the writer first became known for his scientific work, and then -. works of art in Russia, the first to become available translation is “Name of the rose.” – the debut novel by Umberto Eco, a story about the investigation of the strange death of monks in fact appears mysterious library, labyrinth, from which the windows and fallen monk Heroes are trying. unravel the mystery ominous library.

The book Eco was interesting and intellectuals, sees it as the perfect incarnation of the postmodern novel with a lot of layers of meaning, quotations and allusions, and the mass reader who found in her quality and interesting detective in the dark and unusual scenery. Eco novel filled with so many mysteries and hidden meanings that after the book to him hundreds of letters with questions from readers began to arrive. As a result, he was forced to write an explanation – “Notes on the” Name of the Rose fields. ” In 1986 he filmed the book – the main characters played by Shock Connery and Christian Slater . However, as the writer I do not like the film, that he is forbidden to film their books. Even Stanley Kubrick , who wanted to make a film on “Foucault’s Pendulum».

« Foucault’s Pendulum »

The second novel Eco came in 1988, eight years after the” Name . rose “Eco always had a subtle sense of humor (and a healthy sense of self-irony), so his second novel – a parody and ironic view of intellectuals interested in conspiracy theories that are often so fond of the idea of ​​beauty that no longer sober assessment of the reality of the three main characters work in a book. Publishers and authors constantly receive texts completely grafomanskie Among them are many -.. about the various conspiracy theories Editors it is fun and they decide to create their own conspiracy theory, but … a little addicted So that they themselves start to believe in it

book is relevant at all times! Just for fun, go online today at any book – and see how the shelves you watch many books about conspiracy theories and new interpretations of historical events. These books have always – in bright flashy covers, and, alas often on the bestseller section. Love to conspiracy theories indestructible.

« The Island of the Day Before »

The novel, which like only true fans Eco – in the form of quite a simple story Robinson on the next, got on a desert island, in fact, just crammed with sophisticated postmodern quotation.

« The Prague Cemetery »

The adventure novel – diary of a secret agent Simone Simonini, who, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, recalls his stormy life, participated in covert operations and political intrigues, which have changed the lives of entire countries. Eco writes about Masonry, anti-Semitism and his favorite conspiracy theory. Roman interesting and exciting, so quickly became a bestseller in many countries.

«Zero Room»

latest novel by Umberto Eco, was released in early 2015 and tells the story of everyday life . newspaper editors consisting of chronic losers and probably invent events than them telling example, one of the officers investigating the death of Mussolini – according to another conspiracy theory, the Duce was killed, executed his counterpart in this Eco’s novel continues to sneer at contemporary. mass awareness and participation in the media.

« Five essays on ethics »

Abroad Eco famous as an essayist. Many of his essays have now been translated into Russian. By the way, it has, for example, there is a collection devoted to the phenomenon of James Bond – The writer is a longtime fan and expert in bondologii (yes, it’s a science!).

But the more accessible the whole collection of his “Five essays on ethics” – Eco thinking about public morality, the nature of fascism and Nazism, modern media, migrant issues. Many of the essays written in the last century, do not lose their relevance today.

« three tales »

Eco tried to write fairy tales, and they, too, have been translated into Russian. The book is for children, but may be of interest to adult story about a kind atoms that do not want to kill people, and jump out of the atomic bombs

The story of three astronauts -.. Russian, American and Chinese who arrive on Mars, but can never learn to trust each other – until they realize that they are, though they speak different languages, are very similar: miss my mother, afraid of the aliens … But, then aliens all nicely folded

<. p> the story of gnomes from another planet, who were eager to learn about what is real civilization, but when he saw her incarnation on Earth, immediately called to come and clean up the planet – from dirt, smog and spilled oil seas


In general, philosophical tale about the world, which, by the way, really like children.

« lack of structure »

Another facet of creativity Eco, professor of Boulogne University – a textbook on semiotics, the science of signs and sign systems. The book is highly recommended reading for at faculties of journalism and other professions related to mass communications, but as Eco writes simple and accessible language, “lack of structure” may be of interest to those interested. Professor talks about the rather complex matters using the interesting examples of popular culture – from art and literature to advertising and card games


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