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Under the rubble in Yaroslavl found seven bodies in mourning – RIA Novosti

Bryansk, February 16 – RIA Novosti The explosion of domestic gas, which occurred early in the morning on Tuesday in the five-storey building of Yaroslavl, according to the latest MOE, killed seven people, including two children.. Another eight people were hospitalized, three of them underwent surgery, one patient condition doctors evaluate as critical.

Rescuers completed the analysis of debris. At the scene of the tragedy arrived Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov. Help evacuated residents have doctors, psychologists and authorities in the region. With the environment in the Yaroslavl region declared three days of mourning.

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Gas explosion occurred early Tuesday morning at number 11 on the street Railway 6th in Yaroslavl. He was so strong that, according to the residents, they literally took off from their beds. Under the rubble of the four women’s bodies were found, a man and two children. rescuers, police, investigators, prosecutors, traffic inspectors: The probability that more than 500 people under the debris could still be people, small, say rescuers

By the afternoon, according to the regional authorities on the scene. employees “Yaroslavloblgaza”, “Yarenergo” and utilities. To help them gradually began arriving rescuers from Moscow, Tver and Ivanovo.

From Tver, Yaroslavl arrived helicopter Ka-32 Russian Emergencies Ministry with the medical unit on board. The crew – two rescuers and two doctors, they have already begun work. In addition, in full readiness shown airmobile group chief management EMERCOM of Russia in the Tver region. By sending also ready 47 employees of rescue service.

Also, the morning of the Ivanovo region in Yaroslavl has left the mobile communication unit on the basis of “KamAZ” with a group of MOE specialists of Russia on the Ivanovo region of four, which will provide all kinds of communication (transfer of data from the explosion site, videoconferencing). Also ready are psychologists and airmobile group (50 people and eight pieces of equipment).

By 15:00 the rescuers were officially informed about the end of analysis of blockages. “At 15:00, search and rescue and emergency operations at the site of the explosion are completed, is to sign the acts” -. According to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Central Regional Emergency Center of Russia

Status affected

According to voiced before noon on the working group meeting of the government commission, were hospitalized, eight of the nine victims, one man refused hospitalization. The medical director Soloviev Hospital reported that it delivered to the three victims:. 50-year-old woman, her 24-year-old son and 56-year-old woman

Another six patients delivered in the Yaroslavl region clinical hospital №2, but one patient He refused hospitalization. Status of the other five -. Mild

The condition of one of the injured is critical, two others, according to doctors, are in hospital in a serious condition, the other will soon go home

According to the deputy. Minister of civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of consequences of natural disasters, Leonid Belyayev, the age of hospitalized patients – from 80 to 90 years. Two women and a man have operated.

“Unfortunately, there is deterioration of health by three people who are in hospital. Doctors say (their state), as a heavy, all three operated , but the woman – the most critical hard “, – said Belyaev

at the same time, Deputy Prime Minister of the government Olga Golodets praised the work of Yaroslavl clinic and told the media that at the moment there is no need to transport the wounded to the capital <.. /> p>

“While we believe that the Yaroslavl, where there is one of the most modern clinics to cope with the situation, however, our doctors are now in control, if you need help, we have to solve.” – said Golodets


at the site of an emergency, as well as in the hospital, which brought the wounded, and the temporary accommodation, where there are people from emergency houses, with victims psychologists reported in the press service Center of emergency psychological aid EMERCOM of Russia.

“Consolidated group of psychologists from the Center of emergency psychological aid EMERCOM of Russia and GUMCHS Russian Yaroslavl region have all the necessary assistance and support to victims, relatives of those killed and injured in the gas explosion in an apartment building in Yaroslavl, “- a spokesman said.

Continue working “hot line” 8 (4852) 79-08-99, turned on you can get psychological support and the latest information.

The reaction of the authorities

Already by noon on-site analysis of blockages worked not only employees of the regional authorities and regional law enforcement agencies, but also specialists of the central offices of the ministries. According to the press secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the tragedy was reported to the President of the country.

“At the level of regional authorities and emergency services, all measures are taken to rescue and search operations, technical services in place. The President immediately informed about such failures, of course, it was all reported at this time measures are taken, and all the regional level, they need to do, “-. said Sands

After two hours, followed by a message. that the place of the rescue operation in Yaroslavl took off the head of the Ministry of emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov

“Grouping of forces there is working, we carry out a complex of measures on completion of search and rescue I myself will fly today in the emergency zone.”. – said Puchkov after speaking at the expanded board of the Ministry of emergency Situations.

He said that the rescuers arrived on the scene within a few minutes after the announcement of state of emergency, working in close cooperation with all city services.

“Immediately we shut off power and gas, was organized by the cordon of the area of ​​search and rescue operations. Carried out the evacuation of people from home, deployed temporary accommodation … We have already discussed the issue with the governor of the region and help support the families of the victims, “- he added

After 16:00, the residents given the opportunity to return to the apartment and pick up the necessary things. . After that, they will be taken to the hotel “Kotorosl”, where they will live at the expense of the city budget, the representative of the mayor’s office.

The criminal proceedings

in fact the collapse of an apartment house in the Yaroslavl regional investigative committee A criminal case under article “execution of works or services that do not meet safety requirements.” Later, “for the most complete, impartial and prompt investigation into the circumstances and causes,” it was transferred to the central office of the investigative Committee, said agency spokesman Vladimir Markin.

According to the prosecutor’s office, which also began checking the gas service in 2014 checked the gas appliances in the house, where a gas explosion occurred, and found no violations; tenants also complained about the gas problem

“At the moment, it is known that the management organization at home is” the building manager of the Frunze district “, an organization that carries out maintenance and repair-house gas equipment – JSC”. Gazprom Gas Distribution Yaroslavl “- said RIA Novosti senior assistant prosecutor of the Yaroslavl region Yana Smirnova

currently, the company made seizure of documents

The company..” Gazprom gas distribution Yaroslavl “reported that the beginning check on the fact of explosion, in addition, representatives of companies working in the composition created commissions. with reference to the first deputy general director Alexey Pilyasov

Press service of the gas company also reported that for the period of investigation the company considers incorrect call the alleged causes of the incident. the company confirmed that the maintenance of gas appliances in the house held on February 2 and March 5, 2014. By law, the frequency of such inspections -. Every three years

The three-day mourning

The local authorities have canceled all celebrations to mark the Day of Defender of the Fatherland. Head of the region Sergey Hawks announced three days of mourning for those killed in the explosion of domestic gas in dwelling house.

According to his decree, in the days of mourning throughout the region lowered flags, broadcasters and agencies of the region’s culture recommended to cancel entertainment programs and activities.

At the same time, regional authorities reported that the families of the victims with all necessary assistance will be provided. “According to the families of the dead and the dead will be a separate decision, the governor will decree that determines assistance”, – said the Hawks’



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