Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who blows Ankara – Dni.Ru

The Turkish authorities have accused the Kurds of organizing terrorist attacks in Ankara and Diyarbakir. As a result of two explosions killed more than 30 people and wounded dozens. However, such a rapid withdrawal of the investigation of the involvement of the PKK and the Syrian Kurds – and equally quick “response” of Ankara, which claimed more than 70 lives, raise some doubts. Who would still benefit the explosions

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One of the main principles that guide any investigation, it has not changed since the days of ancient Rome. Cui prodest – “look who benefits.” If this principle followed by Turkish law enforcement officers, the idea of ​​the involvement of the Kurds to the latest terrorist attacks came to them in the head last

In fact, what is the Kurds -. Although the Syrian, though Turkish – is now to attract too much attention and substituted by strikes the Turkish army? Kurdish militias in northern Syria successfully squeezes militants out of the region last “Islamic State” and “Dzhebhat-en-Nusra” (banned terrorist groups in Russia). That’s finally freed them from Aleppo.

Let us recall the events chronicled. In the evening on February 17 a car bomb exploded near a military hostel in Ankara. Killed 28, injured more than 60 people. The power of the explosion was estimated at 50 kilograms of TNT . February 18 in the afternoon – a blast from a passing military convoy near the city of Diyarbakir, which is referred to as the unofficial capital of Kurdistan. Seven of the victims. Still at the Turkish Cultural Center in Sweden thundered – there is, fortunately, no one was hurt.

Almost immediately after the explosion in Ankara, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that behind this terrorist Kurdish groups in Turkey and Syria. And Executive have set : a Salih Nedzhar born in 1992, born in the Syrian city of Amud. And his accomplices were detained – as many as nine people

Quickly worked.. Only now, after the explosion of 50 kg of TNT from the suicide hardly left a lot of things. Or maybe he was “on the case” went to the passport? The genetic examination for a time, too, do not be fooled – but still need to have the samples for comparison. And associates somehow quickly caught: apparently stood by and watched as Comrade explodes. A hide and did not think.

The picture is composed as follows: “Kurdish footprint” left deliberately. And in an attempt to portray the Kurds as stupid performers Turkish secret services outsmarted themselves . Too easy – just as bad as too difficult. So it happened, as if the students were playing spies and labels left.

Why do we need Turkey – as clear as day. Tandem Erdogan-Davutoglu has been looking for a pretext for a significant invasion of Syria, and at the same time and to the bud deal, finally, with the Kurds on Turkish territory . Confirmation of this – the return of the Turkish air raid on Iraqi Kurdistan. The impression is that the rig aircraft missiles were ready and were only waiting for a signal – the explosion in Ankara.

According to experts, for Turkey the success of Syrian Kurds, who are preparing to block the border with Turkey, like death. It is cut off from Erdogan’s allies from the “IG”, it will cease to get oil and deliver to Syria militants and weapons . Only if Ankara still dare to invade Syria, waiting for her surprises. Not only is the answer of the army of Assad, but the Russian aviation and air defense. According to analysts, the accumulated reserves of Turkey airplanes for long enough.


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