Thursday, February 18, 2016

“Zoolander 2″, “The Naked Gun” for the fashion industry *** –

The comedy “Zoolander 2″ will be released in cinemas in Russia February 18, 2016 directed by:. Ben Stiller. Cast:. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and other

Events unfold ten years after the first film. Eccentric Zulander Derek (Ben Stiller) is no longer stops the corona look “Magnum” flying in his metal sprockets. He settled down and educates poor children reading in a special school. One building, which works Zulander, collapses and buries his wife alive. Left alone, the hero focuses was on the education of his son, but because of the inability to cook pasta quickly deprived of parental rights.

Driven by guilt, Derek renamed to Eric and exposes himself to voluntary imprisonment in uninhabited areas of New Jersey. Not much better feel Zullandera Hansen longtime friend (Owen Wilson), who tries to somewhere in the desert with the help of yoga to reconcile the desire to create a strong family and unrestrained craving for group sex. Both models have passed noticeable immediately brings to Rome the new trendsetter Don Atari. At first, Derek Hansen and feel among the androgynous heroes podiums out of place, but the emergence of a vibrant employee of special services Valentina (Penelope Cruz) tightens friends in the whirlpool of unprecedented events. As the world is rolling wave of brutal murders pop stars of the first tier – who, if not two battered life macho rake such problems

«Exemplary males” in a timely manner could not be put on stream only in a tragic accident?. The first film was released in the fall of 2001, two weeks after the attacks on the skyscrapers of New York, and, of course, did not shoot in these conditions. Only a few years later, when there was an official DVD-release kinogurmany tasted sparkling comedy and started to communicate with quotes from there. Realizing that the film has gained cult status, Ben Stiller took off continued.

The most severe banter over the representatives of the fashion industry should not offend anyone. The second “Zoolander” for them – this is about the same as the “Naked Gun” and “Airplane” for lovers of old school fighters. Absurd sits on the absurd and the absurd chases. Dwarfs bloggers, decrepit peasant prostitutes, evil convicts of special prisons for dangerous dandies – all this flashed with kaleidoscopic rapidity and causes laughter to colic

In terms of genre film frantically torn between the family comedy, surreal sketch and. parodic fantasy. Rivalry at least three storylines and a fundamental unwillingness of the authors to concentrate on one thing beats a result the viewer the ground from under their feet. Because of this, the tape acts as a legalized drug, granting a powerful psychedelic trip in reality

It would seem that even the delirium has its own laws and borders, but “Zoolander 2″ -. Not the case. Pretty far-fetched idea looks to turn the real rock and pop stars with a worldwide reputation in the magical guardians of Eden gate. But here was not without its positive aspects, as trouble-screen overtaken Justin Bieber will make his haters gloat enough.

Denis Stupnikov, InterMedia


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