Monday, April 11, 2016

79, died People’s Artist Albert Filozov – Teleport

According to the artistic director of the “School of Modern Play” Joseph Raihelgauz, Filozova discharged from hospital at the end of March, but his wife Natalya Stotskaya refuse to pick up the artist home, saying that “can not stand it.” So Albert Filozova had to ask for help to the family’s son, with whom he had no contact for many years.

Familiar actor clarified that in the theater, where he worked for the late actor, his wife Stotskaya nobody liked. Media noted that before the death of the wife of a woman engaged in registration of wills – and as a result all Filozov signed, reports

For his work in 1983, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist, and nine years later and folk.. Filozov always exuded energy and was full of inspiration. And the last day was devoted to his favorite occupation. Vladimir Putin said that it was a “sincere, extraordinary, a very talented man,” and called him a master with a capital letter. Filozov, according to the head of state, “always kept high creative bar, remained unwavering commitment to his artistic and moral principles».

Farewell to the actor will be held April 13 at the theater “School of Modern Play” from 10:00 to 12 : 00. Bury it, probably at the cemetery Vagankovsky on the Walk of the actors.



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