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Axl Rose of Guns N ‘Roses singer became AC / DC on the tour – BBC Russian

Guns N 'Roses Image copyright Getty
Image caption Guns N ‘Roses on Saturday were in California

Axl Rose, lead singer Guns N ‘Roses, will replace frontman AC / DC Brian Johnson in a world tour of the Australian group.

AC / DC postponed tour Rock or Bust in March, after doctors told Johnson, who joined the group after the death of Scott Bon in 1980, that he may become deaf, if he continues to perform on stage.

Rose will join AC / DC in during their tour of Europe and North America, and in the summer return to Guns N’Roses.

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Image caption Johnson joined the group after the death of Bon Scott in 1980

The AC / DC statement said that it “lucky” that supports them Rose.

“While we would like to see this tour ended just as it began, but we understand, respect and support the decision of Brian to stop the tour and keep your ears “, the statement said.

The group then stressed that it intends to finish his tour as planned, and is grateful to Johnson for his contribution to the music of AC / DC.

Rose recently started to work again with guitarist Slash and bassist Duff Makkaganom, and they are the first in 23 years began to act together.

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Image caption After the first show Rose broke his leg and since the thief appears sitting on the throne

After the first show Rose broke his leg and since the thief appears, sitting on a throne, which was used by the frontman of Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, when he also broke his leg.

on Saturday, the group performed in California, where it was joined by guitarist AC / DC Angus Young on the performance became classic hits Whole Lotta Rosie and Riff Raff.

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Image caption AC / DC began to tour in Australia

Over the past few months, AC / DC has experienced a number of serious problems. At the end of 2015, former drummer Phil Rudd was sentenced to home imprisonment for possession of drugs and death threats, and the guitarist Malcolm Young, Angus’s brother, was found dementia.


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