Monday, April 11, 2016

Comedy “Big Boss” was the American box-office leader – BBC

Timur Bekmambetov – one of the most successful Russian film directors and producers, which at the same time successfully making its way to the US film market. His march to the Hollywood home she started since the “Night Watch”, which was rewired for international rentals, and in recent years the number of his works in America, almost equal to domestic ones. And if the fantasy horror film based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith’s “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” you can not really find a good (taxes $ 116 400 000 at 69-million budget), then, for example, last year’s “Remove from friends” in the microscopic a budget of $ 1 million offered nearly $ 65 million The “Remove from friends” was a kind of experiment -. this action film is set on the computer screen page, chatting, which gathered friends committed suicide girl. The new producer project Bekmambetov – the same experiment, the gunman, shot entirely in the first person

Over the weekend from 8 to 10 April “Hardcore” earned $ 5.1 million and finished fifth. place in the US box office, and Canada.

the film was shot by Ilya Nayshullerom in the same style as his own music video group Biting Elbows «Bad Motherfucker» . The main character does not show the audience – the whole story of a cyborg named Henry (in the US box office movie and called Hardcore Henry), whose wife was kidnapped villains, shows the view from his eyes; turned hour and a half ride chases, gunfights and stunts. This project is a Russian-American, and it starred well-known actors – Danila Kozlovsky ( “Legend №17″), Sharlto Copley ( “District №9″) and Haley Bennett ( “The Great Equalizer”), and – in small roles – Sergey cords and Kirill Serebrennikov. American film critics in his views on “Hardcore” section (rating on Rotten Tomatoes – 51%), putting the film in the wine is not very distinct story and badly prescribed characters. Viewers in the US also were not very happy with attraction (rating C +) to show them. In Russia, on the other hand, critics praised the film (100% positive reviews on the version of the portal “KinoPoisk.Ru”), although at the box office in the weekend “Hardcore” lost weekend another novelty – the Disney film “The Jungle Book”; its estimated revenue – about 80 mln. ( “The Jungle Book” can earn about 500 million rubles.).

The leader of the US rental on the results of the weekend was the comedy “Big Boss”, which earned $ 23.5 million.

in the lead roles in this story about the newly released from prison, a business woman who seeks to return to a normal life, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell. McCarthy, who on Saturday received an honorary MTV Movie Awards prize as the most brilliant comedian, became also the author of the tape script, which defeated the criticism (18% “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes) and does not appreciate the audience (estimated as the “Hardcore” + C). But as in the case of the “hardcore” of the financial component in this case is concerned, perhaps, not worth it. Nayshullera The film cost $ 10 million (and has already earned more than 7 million), and the “Big Boss” cost $ 29 million (and collected now about 25 million). In Russia, this film can be seen in August this year.

The remaining seats went to the United States hire old-timers. In the second place moved the leader of the two previous weeks, kinokomiks “Batman vs. Superman: At the dawn of justice.” This film belongs to an expanded universe of DC Studios, which in the coming years will replenish several other paintings – so soon expected to yield “Suicide Squad”. In the meantime, Zac Efron shot “Batman vs. Superman” provided a good start in this series – $ 783.5 million total charges the film now make that three times its budget. During this weekend, the picture has collected $ 23.4 million

In third place -. Cartoon “Zveropolis” grossed $ 14.3 million


The general gathering stories about cops in the world of man-animals now account for $ 852.5 million, but also at the box office, it is twice as long as “Batman vs. Superman”. And on the fourth position – the comedy “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2″ – its sales for the weekend were $ 6.4 million, and the entire picture has collected in hire of $ 70.8 million



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